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Acrylic sandwich boards are elegant display frames being used off late, in modern retails stores. Their USP lies in the fact that the prints within can be easily replaced even by the non technical staff in the store. After the initial cost of the frame, the cost of the print within is negligible and the same can be repeatedly changed.

sandwich acrylic frame studs and vinyl print side view acrylic sandwich board with vinyl print acrylic sheets frame acrylic sandwich board fitted on studs acrylic sandwich boards with vinyle print acrylic sandwich board with changeable print inside acrylic sandwich frame sandwich acrylic frame studs and vinyl print acrylic sandwich boards sandwich acrylic frame studs and remavable vinyl print sandwich acrylic frame studs and vinyl print front view acrylic sandwich board fitted on elevated studs

Acrylic Sandwich Boards

As the name suggests, the display frame is made of two sheets of clear acrylic. Both the sheets can have the same thickness. Although at Orchid we recommend the use of a thicker base sheet. What we typically use is a 5 mm sheet of acrylic for the base and a 2 / 3 mm top sheet. The top sheet is what gives the acrylic sandwich boards their typical shiny finish.

The sheets are cut on our laser our CNC router machine. This gives the acrylic a very smooth and even finish. The frames typically have a ‘crystal edge’ finish which looks very good. The frame has four 10 mm holes on the corners. One inch risers are fitted beneath these holes. The risers are hollow and you can screw in a cap screw or stud in it. The two sheets of acrylic are held between the riser and stud cap.

clear acrylic board large acrylic sandwich boards print in acrylic frame closeup clear acrylic frame clear acrylic sandwich board clear acrylic sandwich frame

Modern retail stores continually need to update their visual communication. This communication could be about new product launches, changes in the prices or simply new product photography. If the vinyl used for this communication is pasted directly on the wall, the store owner will have to call a fitter every time he or she needs to change the print. Acrylic sandwich boards are a solution to this problem. As described in the paragraph above, the store employee simply needs to unscrew the stud caps on the corners of the sandwich acrylic frame. The top sheet come off and the print within can no be easily replaced. The whole process of removing the top sheet, changing the print and putting back the top sheet, can be carried out in less than five minutes. Shown above are installations of sandwich acrylic frames done at a Jehangir Skincity Clinic and offices of Girivan Resorts.