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canvas printing on hi res inkjet printer

HP inkjet printing on canvas

Vinyl application

  • Vinyl print – 40/-
  • Vinyl print + 3 mm sunboard – 70/-
  • Vinyl print + 3 mm sunboard + lamination – 90/-
  • Vinyl print + 5 mm sunboard – 100/-

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Canvas printing is used in a number of applications

  • Canvas printing is used to reproduce fine art and paintings
  • Inkjet canvas printed photos are used for interior decoration applications
  • An artist needs to created reproductions of his original paintings. In this case, canvas printing is a great solution
  • Canvas printing imparts that ‘authentic textured fabric’ feel to your prints

At Orchid Digitals, we have a number of inkjet photo printers to meet you most exacting requirements. Apart from printing on vinyls and posters, these machines can output the finest quality of prints on cotton canvas. Since it is cotton, artists can also paint on it directly.

Family portraits printed on a large size canvas and taste fully framed are also an interior decoration idea in vogue.

We also offer the following fining options for canvas printing

  1. Lacquer spray to make the print dust and water resistant
  2. Canvas printed on our eco-solvent machines are water proof
  3. UV coating to impart that extra layer of coating
  4. We can stretch the canvas on a wooden frame with a gallery wrap. This means that the outer edges of the image are wrapped on the sides of the frame. This ready to hang frame, looks pretty stunning.
canvas prints and frames

Edge wrapped / gallery wrapped canvas print

Costs for canvas printing

  • Canvas printing in the form of a roll: Rs.150/- per square foot
  • Canvas printing + wooden frame with gallery wrap + UV coat: Rs.350/- per square foot

Here is a job that we executed for our client Fujitsu Consulting at Talawade. They wanted to show a progression of images in frames. We were given the artwork in three parts as shown below…

Fujitsu canvas prints in tiles

Fujitsu canvas print rendition

We gave them a solution of printing and stretching the same on a wooden frame…

1 inch wooden frame for stretching canvas prints

1 inch wooden frame for stretching canvas

And here is what the final job looks like…

Canvas prints framed

Canvas prints framed