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A cut out standee is a novel way to attract potential customers in modern retail stores and point of sale locations. Most print communications are rectangular. Moreover, outdoor displays are mostly in the form of banners or posters stuck on a wall. Eye ball attraction is the name of the game in retail stores.

So a life size cardboard cutout in the shape of a movie star, standing right in the middle of the super market aisle is sure to attract interest.

cardboard cut out standee Life size part standups cut in shape of models cut out standee in shape of models Inkjet print mounted on sun board and cut in shape with a router back flap to support cut out standee

Cut out standee / party standups

Shown above are pics of a job done for Siemens India. The client needed these party standups with the faces cut out. The idea was for the employees to stand behind the cutout displays and get their photographs taken.

In fact, in today’s age of digital narcissism, put up a shape cut display stand of a rock star and you’ll probably find teenagers posing for selfies with the same. And if the said rock star is your product’s brand ambassador, you have a cost effective marketing plan working for you.

pizza hut point of sale standees cardboard cut out standee steel reinforced display standee to ensure rigidity

I say cost effective because cutout standees are easy to manufacture, cheap and light weight. The last is important because you want your shop managers to be able to set them up easily. A cut out standee is typically made of an inkjet print mounted on a 3 mm or 5 mm sun board (very light sheet of plastic). At Orchid, we print out the image on photo vinyl on our Roland or HP 5000 inkjet printers. Laminating the print is an option offered to the customer if s/he wants to increase the life of the print. The print is then mounted on the sun board using our hydraulic XL Jet laminator.

The sun board / foam sheet mounted is then carted off to our Guangdaly CNC router. Shape cut stands, as the name suggests are to be cut in the shape of the product or model. Our router can cut print in pretty much any shape you want. Have a look at the images on this page and you will see that the only requirement is that the base be broader that the top of the print. Shown above are images of low cost display stands made for Pizza Hut. As you can see from one of the images, the back has been reinforced with a metal strip. This is done to increase rigidity of the stand.

Cutout standees are supported on the back side with a light metal fabrication or a fold able flap of sun board. This flap is very much like the flap stand on the back side of your table top photo frames. One can also create a 2 sided cut out standee. Here the print is pasted on both sides of the panel. The sun board used will have to be more thick ( to increase rigidity ) and in place of a flap stand on one side we use a base stand. Shown in the pictures of two sided standees made for Devtech International‘s Singapore exhibition…

two sides printed dispaly stand with base support stand alone display standee printed on two sides with base support two sides printed dispaly stand with base support support base for display standee