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To set up a booth at an exhibition you need a  number of display solutions. An eye catching exhibition backdrop is an absolute must. But apart from this, you may also need…

  • A printed exhibition backdrop
  • Attractive tables, preferably with product branding
  • Standees / stands displaying product information
  • Canopies
  • Brochure / catalog stands and dispensers
  • Digitally printed brochures and visiting cards
  • Hi resolution photo posters

At Orchid Digitals, we provide all of the above solutions. Each of these are designed to instantly attract clients and present present product information in an eye catching manner

Exhibition backdrop

exhibition backdrop

Big 8 feet X 8 feet Exhibition backdrop

Exhibition booths are typically 10 feet / 3.5 meters in width. The quickest way to set up your booth and display your product information is to carry in a collapsible exhibition backdrop as shown above. The print size is typically 8 X 8 feet in size. While backdrops come in different configurations, the ‘Inviya Fabolution’ stand shown above is the most popular one. It is made up of hollow tubes which telescope into each other. The whole backdrop collapses to the size of about 4 feet by 6 inches thick. The cost of this backdrop is Rs. 12000/- plus taxes. All of the above options come with cases / bags and can easily be carried on to an aircraft.

We use our wide format printers to print your communication / product information onto  these stands.  A high resolutions photo and product representation will ensure visibility and attention from prospective customers.

Exhibition Standees – Roll up stand

Roll up stand - 6 X 3 feet which collapses to a small portable size

Roll up stand – 6 X 3 feet

These 6 X 3 stands ( locally known as standees ) are a very convenient, light weight and cost effective solution. These stands can be set up in less than a minute. The stands at the bottom have an inbuilt spring which is attached to the print. When unlocked, the print is pulled inside and rolled around a spring loaded tube. When released, the print comes out and can be made to stand erect with a pole attached to the back of the structure. For more details about how exactly a roll-up standee works, please click here…

While the standard standee size is 6 X 3 feet, alternate sizes like 5 X 2.5 feet, 6 X 4 feet and 6 X 6 feet are also available. When unlocked, the print rolls into a spring loaded tube and the whole structure collapses into a small 3 feet X 6 inches tube.

Exhibition canopy and tents

Point of sale ( POS ) applications in Pune sometimes require the use of canopies / tents. These typically cuboid structures are held up by hollow metal  poles with canvas fabric stretched across.

Exhibition canopy collapsible canopy made of jointed metal tubes

Shown below are the artwork sizes that a designer needs to design the branding on a exhibition backdrop. Please keep enough bleed on all sides in your artwork.

Artwork sizes for branding on exhibition canopy

Artwork sizes for branding on exhibition canopy

Shown above are some photos of collapsible and light weight canopies / tents. They can be quickly assembled on site and are extremely portable.

The USPsAvailable dimensions
Can be quickly erected 6 feet width, 7 feet height, 6 feet depth
Light weight and portable4 feet width, 7 feet height, 4 feet depth
Can be branded using printable flex and vinyl

Exhibition display table

Exhibition display table which is collapsible

Collapsible exhibition booth / table

Point of sale tables with product branding is another way to garner attention.

Since this is an exhaustive topic, we have put its details and specifications on another page. Please click on this link for further reading.

Exhibition brochure dispenser / display stand

Collapsible brochure display stand

Collapsible brochure display stand

This is a nifty piece of equipment for your exhibition booth. Erect in less than a minute and stack it with your brochures or leaflets. When done, just fold the whole structure into a tiny case and carry it back to the office.