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Sunboard printing on wallPrinted vinyls come in a roll form. They have a sticker base. Canvas, flex banners and cloth media too, get printed out of rolls. We need to now make these flexible rolls, rigid. These rigid sun board prints can now be drilled on a wall, put in a frame or can be gift wrapped or handed over directly for use. So when we say sunboard printing, we actually mean printing on a media with a sticker base and then mounting / laminating on a sun board or foam sheet.

sunboard printing drilled on wall Inkjet sunboard printing Inkjet sunboard print pasted on glass Personalized printed wallpaper with lamination

Foamsheet / Sunboard printing

Sunboard printing, also known as foamsheet printing, refers to the practice of mounting prints on a rigid sheet of plastic. Sunboard sheets are smooth, lightweight and flat. They are made of low density polystrrene and have a smooth , even and coated surface. Sunboards are available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 2 – 18 mm. But, the digital printing industry typically uses sheets which are 3 – 5 mm thick for their printing applications. Due to its low density, the prints are extremely lightweight and can be easily lifted.

Apart from gaining rigidity, prints are mounted on a sheet of sun board also gain a very flat and even finish. The low density of the sheets enables one to cut the edges of the prints easily. The end result is a smooth, stiff panel. This panel and be carried and easily pasted on walls, doors, and glass partitions using a strong 2 sided tape. One can also drill the boards on a wall.

Here are some images of product branding done on vinyls using our HP 5000 inkjet printer. The prints have been laminated and then mounted on sheets of 3 mm sunboard. The finished job has then been installed at point of sale locations like in retail stores, malls, etc.

Sunboard printing applications include

  • Exhibition panels
  • Wall branding in modern trade stores
  • Paintings and photos for home interior applications
  • Personalized door frames and furniture panels
  • Collapsible stands for point of sale marketing marketing
  • Ready to frame posters (no glass  or backing sheet required)
  • Shape cut stands

Cutouts using sunboard printing

One excellent application of sun boards are life sized cardboard cutout stands. This life sized, eye catching form of visual marketing is is possible because one can easily cut around the edges of the model. We then fabricate a stand on the backside for support.

The print is mounted on a 5 mm or thicker sheet. The white, non image area is cut and removed. A flap, very much like a photo frame, is fabricated and pasted on the back side. When opened, this frame enables the whole print to stay erect.