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Glass printing happens on specialized films. They add a new dimension to you glass partitions, cabin doors and window panes. Our wide format photo printers use water and sunlight resistant inks which are ideal for home and office use. More and more interior designers applying printed glass films to enhance the decor of their clients living or work places.

glass printing on frosted film

Frosted glass film  with watermarked print

As an interior decorator or architect, you might want the glass panes to have different kinds of looks. You might want it to be transparent, opaque or translucent. Alternatively, you might want  to block sunlight or perhaps you prefer diffused light. The images below show all these variations and more. Have a look…

Transparent film on glass printing film does not block light and vision Transparent film on glass printing film does not block light and vision One way vision glass printing film acts as a privacy panel Translucent film for glass printing film blocks vision but not natural light Opaque film on glass printing film blocks light and vision

Glass printing at Orchid

There are number of options at Orchid to print on glass and give it a classy look. Given below is a table which lists the same. It describes the properties of the various films with which glass can be branded. Since each option needs a pretty long explanation, we have linked the same to different pages. Please click on the links that interest you…

Type of printable film for glass Effect on transparency Cost per square foot
Opaque photo vinyl Light does not shine through No visibility from either side 40/-
Translucent frosted film Diffused light will pass through But you cannot see whats on the other side 60/-
Transparent film Will not obstruct light Visibility from both sides of the glass pane 60/-
One way vision / mesh film Acts as a privacy panel. People sitting on the inside can see through the glass pane, whereas people on the outside will see the branded image 60/-
Reverse pasting film Print happens on the gumming side. Ideal for car parking stickers, which have to be pasted from within the wind screen 100/-
Frosted film as an alternative to glass etching We do not print on this film, but can cut out your logos and designs on the same. We need to check your artwork before we can quote for this

Reverse pasting of glass printing film

As a general practice most are pasted on the glass from the top side. But many a times, the customer asks for an option wherein the film is pasted from behind the sheet of glass. In this scenario, while viewing the image from the front, the glass come first and the print afterwards.

In top pasting, you are looking only at the print and covering the glass. The advantage of using reverse printable film is that you get that glossy / glassy finish in the front.