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All of us have seen radium signs which seem to emit a greenish glow when it is dark. Have you ever wondered how these signs are created. Radium is a chemical which emits light in darkness. In fact it is very similar to the bio phosphorescent light emitted by insects such as fire flies. At Orchid, we can reproduce your artwork on glow in dark radium prints and lo behold, you have signs which glow in absolute darkness.

How do glow in dark radium prints work?

All radium stickers contain a chemical called phosphor. Phosphors have this unique quality which makes it emit light when energized. In other words they absorb and store energy. This chemical then releases the pent up energy in the form of visible light. Click on this link to know the science behind this phenomenon.

For our purposes, it is sufficient to know that these light emitting phosphors are coated on special printable rolls called radium vinyls. We use our wide format eco solvent machines to print on these rolls and create glow in dark radium prints.

How long do glow in dark radium prints keep glowing

Radium prints glow for a while and eventually dim.The printable roll has a very light green hue. During the day, the print looks like any regular vinyl sign (except for the light green background). But switch off the light, or let night fall and you will see a strong green glow emitted from the print.

Depending on the quality of the vinyl used, the sign will glow keep glowing for any where between 45 minutes to a couple of hours. You then need to ‘charge’ the print once again. In an outdoor area, the sun charges the sign board during the day. In an enclosed location, the radium print will absorb light from sources like incandescent bulbs or florescent tube lights.

Applications of glow in dark radium prints

Radium prints will find applications in areas which are typically dimly lit or in the dark.

  1. Emergency exit signs / fire alarm signs: In times of fire, the power tends to go off. Also corridors can get hazy due to the smoke. Visibility is reduced. For this reason, it is an absolute must to print emergency exit  or fie alarm signs on glow in dark vinyls.
  2. Funky applications like funky or psychedelic photos: We can print out photographs, nature scenes, etc. on radium vinyls. These will look like a regular image during the day. But in the darkness, they will jump out and garner a lot of attention!