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Vehicles are increasing in every household. Many housing societies need to regulate the entry and parking of vehicles of their members. Also, parking stickers need to bear the name of the society or company logo. You can also include additional data like parking bay number, vehicle registration number, owner’s name, etc. in the sticker. All this, goes a long way in helping the security guards identify the vehicle. Ultimately, it enables them to restrict access to vehicles not bearing the society sticker.

Reverse pasting of parking stickers for cars parking stickers pasted from the top of the windscreen printing of parking stickers on silver foil Parking stickers and permits pasted from behind the windscreen Vehicle parking stickers in round shape parking stickers printed and cut in circles and other shapes Parking stickers pasted from behind / inside the glass

Parking stickers for cars and bikes

Personalized parking stickers are a common customer requirement. Stickers need to be pasted from the top on two wheelers. Alternatively, when used in cars, they need to be reverse pasted from within a car’s windshield.

Both front pasting and reverse pasting vehicle decal options are available at Orchid. Moreover we can use our variable data program to personalize each sticker. The stickers can then include different house / flat numbers or vehicle numbers. Here is the artwork for a parking stickers job that we did for Marvel Realtors, a prominent construction firm in Pune.

Two and four wheeler parking sticker artwok

Two and four wheeler parking sticker artwok

A two and a half inch by three inch sticker for two wheelers approximately costs eight rupees. The same sticker, in the reverse pasting option for cars should go for fifteen rupees per piece

Apart from the standard rectangles, the stickers can also be a variety of shapes like circles, triangles, etc. on our Roland print and cut machine. This enables further individuality.

Reflective & night glow parking stickers

As an added security feature we can even print your vehicle stickers in a silver foil or 3M HIP ( high intensity prismatic ) film. This film has the unique property of shining with an extremely high intensity in the dark, even when a little light fall on it. So, in low light conditions, the sticker reflects light which can enable instant identification from a distance. This is the same film used in high way signboards.

Here is a comparison of how the high intensity reflective film looks during the day and at night.

parking stickers printed on 3M high reflective stickers which and very strong adhesive

parking stickers printed on 3M high reflective stickers which and very strong adhesive

reverse pasting four wheeler parking permit reflecting light in the dark

four wheeler parking reflecting light in the dark