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One unique feature that we have at Orchid is the ability to print and cut stickers and decals in a variety of shapes and sizes. Non linear cutting is very helpful when the end product is not a square or rectangle.

Vinyle sticker / decal print and cut in any shape you want Stickers print and cut to create beautiful decals Stickers print and cut on a plotter logo print and cut in non linear shape

How does print and cut on vinyl work

Bring to mind a passport size photo with your face on it. Now, the photo is rectangular. Along with the actual face, it also has some background in the image. Now imagine that the background is removed and what remains is an image cut in the shape of a face. This is what contour cutting means. Using a scissor or blade, we can only cut in straight lines. But the machine can cut out any shape you imagine.

Our Roland XC 540 and Roland VS 640 machines are equipped with an in line cutter which can cut along the edges or contours of any artwork. The file that is sent for printing has an image and a border or outline separately defined. The machine first prints out the image. Once the print is dried, the machine runs a cutter over the defined outline. The result is a beautiful sticker or decal cut in the shape we desire.

You can design any shape or contour and the machine will cut along the defined outline.

Stickers can also be made in the reverse pasting kind, to enable them to be stuck from the inside of a glass pane. This ability is very useful when printing out a car parking sticker. When the printing is done on the gumming side, we can paste the sticker from the inside of the windscreen.

Print and cut stickers cost

  • Straight print and cut of stickers on vinyl cost Rupees 70/- per square foot
  • Reverse┬áprint and cut of stickers on vinyl cost Rupees 120/- per square foot
    • Reverse print and cut is used when you want to paste the glass from behind the glass. For example, a parking sticker from within car windscreen.