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Walls in a store can be used for advertising frontlit metal frame shop board used in store branding store branding involves branding on the exteriors in the form of main shop board branding Store branding done in a beauty saloon store branding done for a popular beauty salon company back lit glow sign board installed at a pharmacy photo print on sunboard installed in a spa Mothers' recipe front lit metal frame board installed at a re-seller's shop one way vision film installed on store front windows Shop walls branded with foam sheet prints

Sellers of consumer products require store branding to attract customers to buy their products. Modern retail today, requires high visibility of the product at the point of sale. Companies vie for visual space in malls, supermarkets, retail shops, etc. Even office interiors in many corporates are designed to maximise the comfort of the employees. To achieve this, architects apply large vinyl prints on office walls and glass partitions. These prints not only reflect not only the company’s services and products, but also their philosophy.

“Dikhta hai…  toh bikta hai…” is an old Hindi adage, which is perhaps more relevant in today’s competitive world. Loosely translated, it means that people will buy a product, if you only bother showing it to them. The marketing department of large companies dealing in retail products, seem to have taken this statement to heart.

Store branding at retail outlets

Manufacturers or super stockists of consumer goods has a tie with various dealers and re-sellers, of their products, in the city. But these sellers also stock similar products of other companies. So the manufacturer needs a solution to showcase his brand of products at the point of sale. Large display pictures of his products, will obviously entice the end customer to choose his products over others.

Towards this requirement, Orchid offers store branding solutions which typically involve…

  • Frontlit metal signboards for the shop
  • Backlit glow sign boards  (GSBs) for the outlet
  • Wall vinyle prints and posters
  • Sun board prints affixed on the walls
  • One way vision for glass partitions
  • Photo vinyls on windows

If you are a large corporate and need to brand dealer / re-seller’s outlets we also offer end to end solutions as follows…

  • Site recce and suggestions of what kind of print to install at the stores
  • Store wise measurements and cost sheets
  • Image and atwork adaptation as per the available sizes
  • Printing of the job
  • Transportation and installation of the job

We have done this kind of work for a number of clients like…