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Commercial vehicles these days, eagerly sell ad space on their sides. They are economical and have a much longer retention value than electronic media. Vehicle branding and printing is made possible with the use of vinyls specially adapted for out door applications

Buses, rickshaws, taxis cabs and even privately owned vehicles give excellent opportunities to display products and brand identification…

vehicle branding and printing design rendering

Pre print artist’s rendition of how a vehicle should be branded

Vehicle branding and printing

There are specially available cast vinyls that can be printed upon. These vinyls when pasted on the sides of the vehicles take the shape and contour of the vehicle. Take a look at some of the images shown below…

Vehicle branding and printing options include…

  • Regular printed vinyl for short term campaigns
  • Regular vinyls + lamination to increase life of the print
  • Cast vinyls for vehicle wrapping
  • Radium stickers for high visibility
  • One way vision for windows

Mr. Prem Kale is a senior operations executive in Geodirect IT Services in Pune. His company undertook a contract to design and brand the city tour buses for Pune. The Pune Municipal Corporation runs a service called Pune Darshan which plies buses that take you around the city and show you all the tourist places. It stands to reason that these buses need to be eye catching.

Ms. Falguni Gokhale  of Design Directions  created a vibrant and beautiful design for the side panels of the buses. She also created a special logo for Pune Darshan.

Orchid in turn printed the designs on a vinyl having strong outdoor strength. The job was executed on the Roland eco-solvent machine. The prints were then pasted on the side panels of the bus using shampoo water and a squeegee.

Here are images of the design, rendered on the sides of the bus…

vehicle branding and printing design rendering

Vehicle prints superimposed on the bus

The job was also widely reported in the local press. Shown below are some clippings from the Times of India

Here are some more pics of vehicle printing done on a tempo…

vinyl branding on vehicles vehicle vinyl with lamination solvent vinyl print and lamination on vehicles vinyl printing on vehicles solvent vinyl print and lamination on vehicles printed vinyl laminated and installed on bus

Vehicle branding and printing services at Orchid include…

  • Low cost rickshaw vinyls printed with solvent inks
  • Low cost bus vinyles printed with solvent inks
  • Ecosolvent vinyls + lamination
  • Clear / transparent vinyls for windows
  • One way vision / mesh vinyls for windows
  • Cast vinyls for long life applications
  • Radium reflective vinyls for high visibility