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This May we shifted to a new house. My daughter Isha wanted me to do something different for her room decor. Plastering her larger than life photos all over the walls and furniture was something we had done before. Hence we were looking for something different. Read on, to see how we created some personalized 3D wall graffiti to decorate the room wall.

Before I start describing the project we undertook, I need to fill you in, on a little background. You will understand where we got our inspiration for Isha’s wall decor. Our family had just come back from a long vacation in South Africa. Everyone knows about this country’s beautiful wild life reserves. But apart from this, South Africa offers tourists, opportunities for some of the most extreme sports you can imagine.

3D wall graffiti – design process

I found my girl of 14, jumping off planes and skydiving from the height of 10000 feet on one day and bungeeing off from the world’s tallest bridge, on the next. If this was not enough, she went scuba diving with sharks, off the coast of Cape Town. She zip lined into thin air between lofty mountain peaks and burrowed beneath thousands of feet of hard rock, in the Cango mountains.

Isha was flush with her achievements and a YouTube star of sorts in her school. She started identifying with all these high risk activities and wanted her new room to reflect this. While walking through one of the outdoor markets at Table Bay in Cape Town, I saw a shop selling these funky looking signs. As you can see from the images, the letters have been twisted into artistic shapes, to convey an emotion or idea. And that is where I got my inspiration for decorating Isha’s room wall.

3d Wall Graffiti – production


Step one was to make a list of words that my daughter identifies with. I shortlisted some like adrenaline, scuba, sharks, cute, daddy’s girl, etc. You get the idea…

Step two was converting those words into an artistic shape. Now, this was difficult. I put in those words in Google images to see what the internet offered up. There are also a couple of sites that rewrite your words in weird and cryptic ways. This is what the final design looked like.

Next, I needed a material that i could carve all these designs into. Wood was the obvious first choice. But I then settled for 10 mm thick foam sheet or sun board. This is a soft easy to cut material. It also gives a rigid flat finish. Most importantly, its extremely light weight and can easily be affixed on a wall using two sided tape. We cut out the letters on this sunboard using our in house CNC router. Light pastel shades were used to color the words. I used three or four shades to color all the words, as I did not want too much of a rainbow effect. Finally the words were fixed on the wall using a strong 2 sided Tesa tape