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3D, laser cut, acrylic name boards create a great impression, right from the moment clients walk into your office. Corporate offices, retail showrooms and high end business firms all need to have their company name and logo displayed prominently at the entrance door or in the reception. Traditionally, people used to have a painted sign or a printed sunboard to serve this purpose. But this 2D printed sign, lacked the necessary impact / punch, needed to create that ‘wow’ effect. Demanding architects / interior designers are clamoring today, not for a boring display board, but an eye catching work of art.

5mm thick white acrylic base plate with company logo on top
vinyl for logo pasted on white acrylic laser cut letters mounted on white acylic base plate
company logo made of laser cut acrylic
black acrylic base plate with laser cut white acrylic letters and laser cut gold acrylic logo
metal finish acp board with clear acylic letters and logo on vinyl
3D letters made with acrylic
acrylic name boards of company logo
black acrylic base plate with white acrylic letters and gold acrylic logo
acp acrylic name boards

The Laser & Routing division of Orchid, provides this very service. We use materials like acrylic, vinyls and aluminum composite sheets, to create a highly professional and good looking 3D sign. These signs are typically non-lit. The main board on the outside of the building is generally lighted up using expensive LEDs or neon lights. So the sign on the inside need not be so. This also makes economic sense, because a non lit board is always more cost effective than a lit option. Read on for more about the components and processes that go into the making of these boards…

laser cut acrylic letters mounted on white acp base plate
name plate in lobby on white acrylic with vinyl letters cut
3D laser cut acrylic name boards
name plate mounted on risers and mirror stud screw
metallic mirror finish acrylic logo mounted on black base plate
white acrylic base plate with black acrylic letters and logo color vinyl on top
CNC routing of 3D acrylic company logo
aluminium composite panel board with black acrylic letters

Base Plate of the Acrylic Name Boards:

The company name, logo, address and contact information is all mounted on a base plate. We generally use a base plate of 5mm thick acrylic. This thickness makes the plate strong enough to carry the weight of the logo on top. The client can choose between the following options for the base plate…

  • Clear acrylic base plate: In this case we use a clear acrylic sheet. It is as transparent as a sheet of glass and one can see the wall beneath. Assume for a moment, that the wall on which the board has to be mounted has textured paint or wooden paneling. This texture will now will now show through and add a design dimension to the board. This transparent sheet also gives a ‘floating in thin air’ effect to the logo pasted on top of the clear base plate.
  • White or colored acrylic base plate: Acrylic sheets are available in white as well as a variety of colors. Customers can also opt for metallic finishes. At Orchid, we have an album of acrylic colors that a customer can choose from. By opting for white, colored or a metallic base plate, a customer is creating a separate space between the wall on which the board has to be mounted, and the company logo. The base plate now acts as a highlighter for the information displayed on top of it.
metallic arylic letters with mirror finish laser cut
steel letters pasted on wood paneling using 2 sided tape
metallic finish acrylic laser cut and pasted on granite wall

Stand Alone Acrylic Logos and Laser Cut Letters:

One alternative way to create acrylic name boards, is to not create the boards at all. At Orchid, we can create logos which can be affixed directly on the wall, without the need for any intervening base plate. We do this by affixing a strong, industrial, 2 sided, 3M tape beneath the acrylic letters / logo. We then paste a stencil on the wall for precise alignment of the logo components. The logo / acrylic letters are then pasted directly on the wall in the area marked by the stencil. The overall effect is quite fantastic, as can be seen from the images below…

mdf cut in logo shape with vinyl top
3D letters painted and pasted directly on the wall with 2 sided tape
laser cut letters pasted directly on the wall
mdf cut in logo shape with vinyl top pasted directly on the wall
cnc router cut logo with 2 side tape pasted on the wall
cnc router cut logo made of acrylic
laser cut metal acrylic letters and mdf logo with vinyl pasted on top
3D steel box letters pasted on the wall

Company Logo on Acrylic Name Boards:

The main part of the board is off course the company name and logo on top. We create these components out of acrylic of typically 3 – 5mm thickness. This imparts depth and a 3D effect to the board. Vinyls having the same shades as the logo colors, are pasted on top of the laser cut acrylic.

We also play with different depths on the board. For example, the main name and company logo may have a thickness of 5 – 8 mm. Additional information, like the tag line is given a thickness of 3mm. information like address and phone numbers are given zero depth. They may be printed / pasted directly on the board. These play of depths make the board very alluring

Mounting / fixing of Acrylic Name Boards:

The base plates are usually drilled into the wall. But an ordinary nail / screw would look horribly mundane in contrast to the beautiful acrylic name boards. So we use chrome finish mirror studs on the corners. We also provide risers beneath the mirror studs to raise the board an inch or so, away from the wall. This raised effect breaks the continuity of the wall and highlights the board.

mirror stud caps

Pricing for Acrylic Name Boards:

Price of the boards described above, are quoted per square foot. So for example, if the price is rupees 600 per sq. ft. and the board is of size 2 feet by 3 feet, the cost of the board would be 2 X 3 X 600/- = Rs.3600/- plus taxes.

There is no fixed rate list for this kind of job work. Prices vary, based on the materials used, thickness of the materials and the amount of detailing necessary to recreate the logo artwork. But the specifications and price list in the example below, should enable you to arrive at a ball park estimate for your job…

  1. 5 mm acrylic base plate
  2. 3 mm laser cut acrylic logo
  3. Logo color vinyls pasted on top
  4. Stud + riser on 4 corners
  5. Rs.600/- + 18% GST
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