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We always need to put our best foot forward in the world of product and service promotion. And this imperative often demands that we ditch the older and less elegant methods of presentation in favor of more modern alternative. Let’s take the use of posters in restaurants, stores, and supermarkets for example. They convey useful information about products, discounts and special offers. However, very often, these posters are directly pasted on to the walls or glass surfaces using adhesive tape. The overall effect is extremely tacky and draws attention away from the intended communication. Worse still, are those loose posters on the wall that have their edges torn or curled. Rather than conveying a meaningful message, such posters end up spoiling the beauty of the shop and end up degrading customer experience. Aluminium clip on frames are a product that solves this fundamental problem.

clip frames also known as aluminium snap frames are ideal for offices and retail stores for displaying offers and advertising posters

What are Aluminium Clip On Frames?

An aluminium clip-on frame also referred to as a snap frame, is quite simply an aluminium profile mounted on the edges of an MDF (Medium-density fibre board) or sunboard / foamsheet base. This base is typically 5 mm thick. The profile on the edge has a spring loaded mechanism which can be operated like a latch. The poster frame can be snapped open and snapped close. Also, there is a thin transparent acrylic sheet that is held in place when the frame is closed. An acrylic sheet is nothing but a very clear sheet of plastic having a transparent glass like finish. It is significantly lighter than glass. Moreover, it is unbreakable.

Using snap frames is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Open up the side frames / edge profiles
  2. Lift the clear acrylic sheet up
  3. Position our posters or marketing communication behind this transparent acrylic sheet
  4. Clip back the side frames in place
to use clip frames snap open the side profiles place the poster in the frame and then snap close the edge profiles

Tell us what you need

I need a poster frame of the following size:

7 + 13 =

a clip on frame can be easily operated by simply snapping open the side profiles pulling out the old poster putting in the new one and closing edges

What Are the Benefits of Clip Frames?

  • The Finesse and Elegance Are Unmatched: All that talk about putting your best foot forward is honest, dear reader. And our poster frame pulls off that elegance with absolute ease. The silver-grey profile is great to look at and lets the posters communicate their intended message beautifully.
  • Ease of Use: It’s quite easy to install and use a clip on frame. The aluminium profile can simply be snapped open, the poster replaced, and then the profile, snapped back on. The frames have small calendar hooks at the back which makes installation on the wall, a breeze. In short, operating the frames efficiently involves no complicated process, training or extensive efforts.
  • Low-Cost and One-Time Solution: Aluminium clip-on frames save the users quite a bit of money due to the fact that they only have to be installed once. As the posters keep changing, you only have to replace the prints within the frame. This means that poster printing is the only recurring cost and the actual frame is a onetime expenditure. The actual prints cost a small fraction of the frame.
  • Return on Investment: The above three points sum up to one neat fact – the poster frames provide a great return on the investment. Additionally, they present our content in a very elegant manner. Add to that the fact that their use is quite simple and doesn’t really require any complicated procedures. Most importantly, they yield all the above benefits throughout the long period of their use
easy to use aluminium clip on  frames are ideal in situations where the communication or posters within have to be changed on a regular basis

Applications of Snap Frames:

Aluminium clip-on frames are best suited in places that involve routinely changing the marketing communication. As already discussed, the best example for this is to be found at:

  • Supermarkets and kiranaa stores: These places see a constant stream of new product launches. Furthermore, different offers, discounts schemes, etc. are endlessly being offered on the products there. These clip frames make for a great placement option to neatly hold the relevant posters in place for the customers to see.
  • Restaurants: There are food festivals, happy hours, and different kinds of promotional activities happening at these places. The aluminium clip-on frames shine again in such cases.

Also, mention-worthy is the fact that in such places, these aluminium clip on frames save energy and time. These can be operated by the staff there without any hassles. Unlike our other store branding solutions, you do not require any professional fitters or pasting guys to put up the posters

How Much Does an Aluminium Clip On Frame Cost?

Aluminium clip-on frames are usually made in standard sizes of:

  • 1 foot X 1.5 feet – A3 frame
  • 1.5 feet X 2 feet – A2 frame
  • 2 feet X 3 feet – A1 frame
  • 3 feet X 4 feet – A0 frame
snap frames standard sizes

Price per square foot is mentioned below.

Aluminium clip-on frames
Rs.360/- per square foot + 18% GST

So for example, a 2 X 3 foot picture frame will cost 3 X 2 X Rs.360/- = Rs.2160/- plus taxes. Sizes other than the ones mentioned above lead to material wastage and may cost a little more. Nevertheless, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, for your requirements. Drop us a message using the form below and we’ll get back to you.

Why should I source my requirements from Orchid Digitals?

One simple reason: We provide an End-to-End Service.

  • Low price point: As one of the premier and best printers in Pune, we fabricate these picture frames at our own manufacturing facility using our laser cutting machines and CNC routers. This helps us offer you the best prices for the same.

It gets better…

  • We Handle the Prints as Well: Our core competency is printing beautiful and elegant posters. When you order snap frames from us, the cost of it includes your first lot of prints as well. Most other places will only sell you the frames and you will still have to look for a vendor to print the inside poster. For the first time around, we include the cost of the print along with the frame. Obviously, standard printing charges apply from the second lot on wards.

The fact that you get both your poster frames and the prints done at a single place adds to your convenience. This makes Orchid Digitals the absolutely best place to get your services from.

LED Clip On Frames

While the aluminium clip on frames are great, some applications require us to go a notch higher. For example, the more upscale restaurants have exclusive offers for their patrons and would like to highlight that. This is best done with LED clip on frames. These frames are lit from within. The prints look stunning. They are comparable to the images on a high resolution HD TV screen. We accomplish this effect by embedding lights on the edge of the print. The LEDs are hidden under the aluminium profile on the sides. The overall effect is significantly more polished and vibrant. Naturally, these are little more expensive. Click here to know more about LED clip on frames.

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