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Books, training manuals, instruction booklets, etc. can all be easily created using word processing software. But when you need to print out a few hundred copies of the same, you need professional book printing services like the ones we provide at Orchid Enterprises, Pune.
Book printing of manualsBook printing and perfect binding forr the spineSpiral binding and book printingBook printing and wiro bindingPersonalised covers for file folders
The home inkjet or laser printer is just not strong enough to print out a hundred copies of a twenty page booklet. You could do it, but it would be akin to riding a hot air balloon to the moon. Moreover, to give a professional look to the books, they need to be properly cut, creased and bound.

Book printing at Orchid

We have two high speed digital printing presses, to cater to Pune’s short order print runs. By short order, we mean typically less than 500 copies. We also execute the jobs in a very short time frame. Book printing typically happens in one day. An additional day is required for binding, etc.

Four color book printing

Digital book printing

The benefits of on demand digital book printing

  • No huge up front costs
  • Cut down on wastage. Print only as many books as you need. So no unwanted copies cluttering up up your garage or basement
  • Get book store quality prints
  • Include full color photos in your matter

We also provide finishing options like…

  • Perfect binding or wiro / spiral binding
  • Center pinning like the way magazines are pinned
  • Cutting, creasing and folding
  • Imposition of the pages for saddle stitching, perfect binding, etc.
  • Conversion of pages from a bigger size to a smaller size or vice versa. For example, you might have composed the matter in size A4. This is a  bit too big if you need to print a novel or a quick reference manual for use on the field. The ideal size for such applications would be something like A5 ( half of A4 ). In such a scenario, there is no need to change the layout of the entire document. You can cut down your efforts and save time by simply letting our imposition software takes care of all this.

Take a look at our other services like

  • Digital printing for posters, invites, visiting cars, stickers, letterheads, fliers, leaflets, etc.
  • Variable data printing services for labels, numbering, addresses, cerficates, marksheets, etc.
  • CD / DVD label printing