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What defines a good gift? Is it the price attached to that gift or the sentiments with which it was given? Or perhaps, a gift is best judged by how useful it proves to be, to the recipient. How it adds value to their daily life. Sippers or bottles are one such useful gifting item. And a printed sipper is a gift that looks classy, personalized and retains value in the mind of the recipient. For the uninitiated, there’s a photo of a personalized bottle printing job at the top of this page.

A sipper is not just a plain or mundane bottle. Apart from storing water or other liquids for day-to-day consumption, it has the following features:

  • It has a very sleek metallic / glassy finish
  • It has a sturdy construction as opposed to the cheap use and throw mineral water bottles
  • Sippers are visually appealing and often have graphics printed on them
printed sippers bearing your custom design and logs

Bottle printing – The Scope for Customization

Now, wouldn’t it be cool if you used our personalized bottle printing service and created a one of a kind, unique corporate gifting solution. Today, sippers are often used for the purpose of gifting in corporate and organisational setups or at sports events. As mentioned above, they are elegant and have a classy look and feel. At Orchid Digitals we take this classy look one step further. We use our specialized flat-bed UV printing machines to print company logos and insignia on their surface. We can even print photos on the bottles.

These kind of personalized water bottles convert an inherently useful, yet inexpensive item into a great branding and gifting idea. Since this gift has a daily use, it will not be discarded. Additionally, the personalized print on it will retain the memory of the occasion on which the promotional water bottles were gifted. And remember, brand recall is the main objective all corporate gifting solutions seek to achieve.

color image printing on steel sippers

What kind of sipper printing do you need?

Number of bottles I need printed

What needs to be printed

Size of the image

13 + 11 =

Custom printed water bottles versus stickers

Is direct bottle printing even necessary, you might be wondering? Can we not simply slap on a sticker on the bottle instead. But the problem is:

  • Stickers can become sloppy after a few wash cycles
  • They look pasted upon
  • They can be removed and thrown away
  • The cheaper paper stickers look shabby and will wrinkle in damp conditions

Alternatively, a UV printed bottle looks factory finished. Also UV inks are scratch resistant and you cannot peel them off.

bottle printing using flatbed UV inks

How UV Printing on bottles works

Unlike printing on paper, printing on sippers and sports water bottles proves to be a challenge. This is because traditional inks get easily smudged on their smooth surface. Also these bottles are curved and the print needs to cover the circumference of a cylindrical surface.

But, at Orchid Digitals, we have a very high end Mimaki UV Flatbed printer, which can take care of these challenges. UV inks get sprayed on to the print surface just like any regular inkjet inks. But then we use an ultraviolet light to cure these inks and make them rock hard. These inks also adhere to smooth surfaces very strongly and cannot be rubbed off.

We simply place the bottle inside the UV printer. There is a kebab like mechanism which slowly rotates the sipper as the printing starts. As the image progresses, the bottle rotates along its long axis, very much like a pit roast over a fire. This ingenious mechanism helps us print over the surface of round / cylindrical objects. Take a look at the video below to see how bottle printing happens.

Digital UV printing versus screen printing

Traditionally bottles were printed using a method called screen printing. But screen printing always had a few drawbacks:

  • You could not do one off jobs: Screen prints were cost effective only if you had to print on large quantity of bottles. This worked for bottling companies and milk dairies. But it was not a viable option for short order runs for let’s say 100 or so custom water bottle prints
  • Screen printing is limited in terms of image reproduction. You can only reproduce single color or dual tone logos. But multicolored images reproduction was out of question. There is simply no way to print colored photos using traditional screen printing techniques.

UV printing overcomes the above limitations of minimum quantity and image colors. We can print a full color image on just one bottle if necessary.

Cost of bottle printing at Orchid Digitals

The cost of printing on sippers is proportional to the surface area that has to be printed on. A small logo is obviously going to cost lesser than a large image wrapped around the entire surface of the bottle. So the actual cost of the print can only be determined once we get the print file at our end. However, to give you an idea of the expenses involved, do look at the table below.

ItemPrintable areaEstimated cost
Sipper / water bottle2 inches x 3 inchesRs.40/- – 60/- + taxes

To get a more comprehensive pricing for your specific printing required, feel free to get in touch with us with through the following form.

While, we’re the experts in printing on sippers, we do not hold an inventory of bottles at our store. We are primarily a print shop and unfortunately, gift items fall beyond out domain. So we request you to please make a selection of water bottles from a vendor of your choice. Better still, get just one bottle and we’ll be glad to run a sample print for you for you to check.

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