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Exhibitions, seminars and conventions are getting bigger and glitzier. The demand for a first-class user experience begins right from the point you enter into a modern upscale conference. There is usually a registration desk to welcome the visitors. Once the process for registration is completed, the participants are handed a custom printed badge. Hand over a regular paper printed badge in a plastic sleeve and you won’t create a ripple. But present your visitors with a premium, laser cut, personalized conference badge made of wood or acrylic, and you will create an excellent first impression.

Visitors to exhibitions are showered with freebies and goodies. And one of the the first thing they will be presented with, are the exhibition badges at the registration desk. The tone for the rest of their day will be set by how classy these convention badges are. This post talks about one of the most personalized products that Orchid Digitals can deliver. Imagine a custom printed badge, laser cut in the shape of your company logo or mascot, bearing the user details of your visitors. Read on, to see how we can fabricate something so unique.

artwork for exhibition badges
custom printed badges on a UV flatbed fabricated out of acrylic

The need for premium quality exhibition badges

Business meets or conventions have a pretty straight forward welcoming process, as mentioned above.

  • Register yourself by providing your name, occupation, company details, etc.
  • Get your conference badge

Also, most badges are pretty generic. You have an attendant print out the visitor details on a slip of paper which is then placed in a plastic sleeve, attached to a necklace. But events these days are becoming larger, more organized, and pricier. They would prefer to hand over a high quality badge made of a more premium material like wood or acrylic. The aim is to elicit a ‘wow’ from the visitors as soon as they enter into the exhibition hall. The ‘hatke’ factor brought in by our premium finished badges can transform a simple utilitarian product into a talking point and attention getter.

uv printed badges on laser cut clear acrylic

What kind of badges do you need?

Use / application of the badges

Fixing of the badges

14 + 3 =

Materials used for custom badge printing

At Orchid Digitals, we have a laser cutter that can engrave and cut a variety of materials like…

  • MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) which is a type of processed wood
  • Acrylic – Think of an extremely shiny lightweight glass like sheet which is actually made of lucite (a high grade plastic)

The laser cutter can cut the above material into just about any non-linear shape that you can think of. So instead of boring rectangles, custom badges can be produced in circular, hexagonal, pentagonal, etc. shapes. Apart from the standard geometric shapes, we can even cut the above material in the shape of company products, logos or mascots. So the next time you go to an auto show, you might just end up with an engraved name plate in the shape of a Ferrari!

People generally do not throw away  such a personalized and premium badge at the end of the event. Instead, it is preserved as a keepsake or memorabilia. This creates a retention value and lasting memories of the event, long after the same is over.

artwork for a badge to be printed 3 mm thick acrylic sheet
artwork is the first step in creating badges
3 mm thick acrylic laser cut into shape with uv inks to create custom printed badges
a badge made of acrylic given shape using a laser engraver

Custom badge printing process

The next step is to print on to the blanks cut out of the material described above. A flat-bed UV printer that we have at Orchid, prints directly on rigid objects. We place these blanks on the print bed of our Mimaki UJF 3042. The printer then prints directly on top of the same. A very professionally finished look is imparted to the badges using this 6 color UV printer. Raised and embossed effects are also possible. Most other print providers can only paste stickers atop rigid objects. But Orchid Digitals is one of the few print shops who can print directly on top of just about any object. 

Obviously, such a direct print will be much superior to sticker pasting. Also, it will impart a very factory finished look to our conference badges. The logo and company colors of the organizers can also be imprinted onto the finished product. We leave space for names and other user data. This is filled in by the organizers while registering the attendees. Alternatively, if the client gives the names and company data of people attending the event, the same can be included in the prints by a process known as variable data printing.

Ways to fix the custom printed badges

  • Most badges have a notch on top. You can slide in a hook pin or the end strip of a lanyard. These types of badges can be printed on both sides as the strap is dangling from the top. The lanyard is hung around the neck of participants for the duration of the event.
  • Acrylic badges have to be used at work for a longer period of time in certain corporate environments. For example a nurse has to wear a name badge on his uniform every day. In such use cases we can attach a safety pin on the badge. This type of badge can be affixed on a shirt, sari, etc. Also, it is less cumbersome than a lanyard around the neck.
  • These days, a lot of people in high-end conferences and premium business conventions frown upon the safety pin arrangement. This is because pins damage the participants’ shirt, blazers, sports jacket, and other expensive apparel. So, we are experimenting with a new way to affix a badge by using magnetic plates. One pole of magnetic plate is glued on the back side of the badge, while the other is placed under your clothing. Hence the badge is held in place by a magnetic plate and causes no damage to the clothing item. Moreover, this badge can also be used afterwards as a fridge magnet. The memory of the event will be kept alive as the badge won’t be casually discarded.
acrylic exhibition badges laser cut into a hexagonal shape with UV printing on both sides

How much do these personalized badges cost?

There is no fixed cost associated with the badges we create. The amount is reverse calculated after taking into account the amount of acrylic that will be needed to create the badge. The design, size and complexity of shape all affect the end price.

But if you need an estimate for budgetary purposes, a ballpark figure of Rs. 60/- plus taxes would get you a badge of size 3 inches X 2 inches. Do mail us your design / concept and we’ll send across a more meaningful estimate.

One thing that you might want to note is that we cannot do custom badge printing for small quantities. Producing custom designed badges is a time-consuming and multi step process. Therefore, badge printing jobs are mostly optimized for bulk quantities.

The Orchid Digitals experience

This might sound boastful. But there are very few printers across the country can create such personalized custom printed badges. Orchid Digitals pulls off these projects through our impeccable design finesse, advanced machinery and techniques. And we have pretty satisfied customers from different cities who can attest to our expertise.