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Printed magnets used as fridge stickers have been around for quite some time. But what you get in the market are generic designs, images, logos, etc. Personalize these magnetic stickers using our magnetic prints and you have the makings of a beautiful gift / souvenir.

Printed magnets and stickers as a cool gifting solution

People tend not to throw out fridge magnets because of their  utility and off course the ‘cute factor’. So imaging how cool it would be, if you could gift out a personalized magnetic print showing your company logo, product image or marketing message. You could also print out the gift recipients’ image on the magnetic sticker. This will ensure that he / she will not discard it in a hurry. The longer the magnetic sticker remains in front of the recipient, the more it promotes your message. A gift which stands out, always has a better recall value. And what better gift than one which is tailored to the recipients’ likes and needs.

photo printed on flexible magnetic sheet

photo print on flexible magnetic sheet to create a custome fridge magnet

photo printed on flexible magnetic sheet

1.5 mm thick printable magnetic sheet

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Custom Printed Magnets and Magnetic signs

photo printed on flexible magnetic sheet

Photo vinyle print on magnetic sheet with dome lamination

Digital printing on magnetic sticker

Most customers will need to print out magnetic stickers in small quantities. Factories which mass produce these stickers can offer no economical solution to a customer who may require just a 100 odd personalized magnetic prints. At Orchid Digitals, you can have a short order run of custom printed magnets having your own content or design. What we do, is print out your artwork on a photo vinyl sticker. The sticker back is typically coated with an industrial strength glue. These vinyls are printed on our Mimaki JV300 inkjet printer.

photo printed on flexible magnetic sheet

Epoxy dome lamination to give 3D effect to your magnetic sticker

This machine prints out designs at a very high resolution. It also reproduces very vibrant and eye catching images and photographs. The vinyl is then pasted on a 1.5 / 2 mm thick, flexible poly magnetic sheet. The top surface of the printed vinyl is also laminated to increase its life. Lamination typically protects the sticker surface from scratches and scuffing. The two standard finishes for lamination are matt and gloss. In addition to this, we can also print the fridge magnet on vinyls having textures like canvas and linen. As you can see from the above images, the printed magnets can also be coated with clear epoxy to give them a domed effect. Dome lamination on fridge magnets add a depth to the image. The glossy, watery effect make the magnetic stickers look really beautiful.

Printed fridge magnets and magnetic signs: Time to deliver and costs

Since the above product requires multiple production processes and finishings, we typically request our customers 2 – 3 days time, to deliver the job. Depending on the finishing required, personalized printed magnets can cost from 480/- to 800/- per square foot. Find out how many of your designs fit in 1 square foot to reverse calculate the per piece price. To put things in perspective, a 2 inch X 3 inch sticker should cost between 30 to 40 rupees.

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