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Custom wallpaper murals are an extremely unique and personalized product that we offer at Orchid Digitals, Pune. Imagine a situation where you need to brand your corporate office walls with the company mission statement and philosophy. Or let’s say that you might want to reproduce your product images on your walls. On a more personal level, let us assume that it is your anniversary and you want to decorate your bed room wall with a larger than life poster of your husband. In all these cases, you need our custom printed wallpaper solution to give that personalized look to your interiors.

Also, going to the neighborhood interior design shop in any of the above cases is not going to really help. This is because an interior decoration shop will not be able to give you custom designed wallpaper. What they will offer you, are the standard designs or stock photography available in their albums. So come to us if you need a wall mural bearing your image or content. We can print it out for you, in just about any size that you can think off.

wall murals which can be printed and fixed in homes
custom printed wall mural to enhance your office decor
custom printed wall mural to enhance your office decor
office decor improved using custom printed wallpaper
customized wallpaper installed in office area
photo print pasted on wall
wall murals which can be printed and fixed in homes
custom wall paper murals
custom designed wall mural printed on eco solvent printer

Personalized printed wallpaper and its installation

There are a number of factors that go into making the perfect personalized wallpaper. We need to work with a smooth finished wall, high resolution images and off course an excellent wide format printer. I have made a few notes on each of these points…

A smooth wall for our specialized wall vinyl

We use specialized wall vinyls to print out your wallpaper designs. This vinyl is backed by very strong wall glue. It can be directly pasted on a smooth finished wall. The caveat is that the wall does need to be painted before we begin pasting our wall vinyl. An unpainted wall will not impart sufficient adhesion to the glue. But the good thing is that paint does not need to be of a very high quality. Just give us a wall with ordinary oil paint on it. All we need is a smooth surface to enhance the adhesion of our glue.

Wallpaper tiles

As you know all wallpaper comes in tiles or vertical sections. Similarly your mural is broken up in tiles of 4 or 3 feet width. For example, if the wall is of 12 feet width and 10 feet height, the wallpaper is broken in 3 vertical sections of 4 X 10 feet. These tiles are then joined together at the time of pasting, to create one continuous image. Tiling is typically done in a design software like Corel Draw. The size of the walls does not matter. If the tiling is done properly, we can easily cover walls of even eighty feet, in length.

wallpaper tiling seaming and pasting

Wallpaper resolutions

Our high resolution Mimaki / Roland photo printers do the actual grunt work. Once the size and tiling is done, the printers print out your designs. These machines can output images up to 1400 DPI in resolution. This gives fantastic depth and clarity to the images being printed.

Protective layer of lamination for the prints

All our printed wallpapers have a top coat of protective lamination. This lamination reduces the daily wear and tear on the print and increases the life of the same, significantly. It makes the wall water proof and dust resistant. By default, all wallpaper prints are given a matt finish lamination. You can also opt for a glossy or glitter finish, over laminate.

Speed and timelines

Our machines are fast. Blazingly, jaw dropingly so. Tight deadlines have always been the bane of every interior architect. A typical demand of my clients is, ‘Mitesh, the print needs to be up and needs to be up, yesterday!’ Trust us, to print out your wall in less than a day.

custom designed wallpaper being pasted on the wall
inkjet printed personalized wallpaper
custom designed wall paper used for branding pillars
interior decoration of printed wallpaper
inkjet printed personalized wall mural
custom printed wall mural to enhance your office decor

Custom printed wallpaper pricing

If you are an architect or ad agency, you might have your own team to do the pasting. In this case, we charge you just for the wallpaper print. An end customer might require a more complete solution like printing and onsite installation. Here are costs for the same…

 Just the printPrint + installation
Wallpaper print + matt lamination on wall vinyl70/- per sq. ft.90/- per sq. ft.
Textured wallpaper print90/- per sq. ft.110/- per sq. ft.

GST 18% extra on the above

Glass film prints

Apart from our custom printed wallpaper solution, clients also require glass film prints from us. At Orchid, Pune, we offer solutions for

Eco solvent printing done on etched frosted film and pasted on glass
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