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Dome stickers, also known as dome decals are beautiful type of label having a 3D effect. As the name suggests, these labels are given a domed / rounded finish using a poly urethane / epoxy solution. The finished label has a clear and shiny plastic layer of about 2 mm in height. It tapers or slopes towards the edges of the sticker. This gives the sticker a curvy or rounded surface finish and hence the term ‘dome stickers’.

stack of colored visiting cards

Perspective view of dome stickers to to show raised effect

stack of colored visiting cards

Beautifully domed Ferrari logos

Digitally Printed Dome Stickers

We use our Roland Print & Cut machine to print out stickers on a vinyl having a high level of adhesion. These sticker are then cut in any desired shape using the in-line plotter. The stickers can be cut in the shape of circles, square or any non linear freehand outline. The resultant print and cut stickers are quite fetching but are flat and limited to the two dimensions.

stack of colored visiting cards

3D plastic stickers for

stack of colored visiting cards

Pride Purple epoxy coated dome stickers

To give these labels a raised 3D effect, we pour a poly urethane solution on top of the same. This solution is carefully poured to about 2 – 3 mm in height. The liquid solidifies in about 24 – 36 hours. The resultant dome decal in addition to being quite beautiful is impervious to rain, sunlight, dust, etc.

Dome stickers are by no means a new application. They have been around for decades. But previously they were screen or offset printed and one always had to order vast quantities of the same. At Orchid, our digital printing machines will allow us to gladly process  orders of as low as 500 stickers.

This opens up the following possibilities…

  1. You can have your own personalized logo or marketing message with an extremely professional finish
  2. The label can be cut in any shape or outline without having to incur the cost of a dye punch
  3. Logo branding, gifting, key chains, vehicle stickers, trophy labels, stickers for consumer products, laptop stickers, mobile stickers, etc. are some of the applications, that come to mind for dome stickers.

Dome Decals – Costs, Order lead times and Minimum Order Quantity

Dome labels cannot be created instantaneously. They need to be printed, cut, domed and dried. So please give a lead time of about three days to process your order. A one square inch label should approximately cost you 3/- rupees. One can fit in about 70 – 80 such labels in a square foot. We can manufacture labels of sizes up to 6 square inches. These figures for costings and area coverage are given as estimates because, different shapes will occupy different a area. When you are planning a purchase, please budget for a minimum of 6 – 8 square feet.

dome decals on mobilesdome sticker logo branding on mobilesDome stickers for logo branding on electronics like mobiles and laptops3D dome label on laptop
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