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Cutting CDs and DVDs on the home DVD writer is pretty easy. You need high quality DVD and CD labels to give your efforts a professional look. You can print out labels on your home inkjet. But they are just too expensive and time consuming if you need CD labels in bulk. Also an inkjet printer cannot really compare with with a digital laser print in sharpness and quality. The other alternative like screen and offset printing is also not feasible for quantities less than a 1000.

DVD and CD Labels

Come over to Orchid and we will give a professional and personalized finish to your CDs or DVDs. The labels are die punched on a mirror cote glossy sticker paper. You get excellent digitally printed labels for a litte over 3 rupees. Here are the advantages of printing at our place…

  • The labels are digitally printed (not inkjet)
  • Hence the finish is excellent
  • The labels are  die punched. You just peel and paste
  • The inner circle dimension ensures maximum coverage of the disk

There are a couple of points that you need to keep in mind while designing the DVD / CD label. Make you leave adequate bleed on the edges of the outer an inner circles. Given below are the design dimensions you need to keep for a CD label of 120 mm / 4.72 inches diameter

  • Let the artwork extend to an outer circle of 123 mm diameter including about 10 mm bleed
  • See if you fully cover the circle with a color fill or image
  • Make sure that there is no important matter in the center. Since this area is going to be punched out from the label
  • Text, logos and other matter to be placed in the band extending from 30 mm – 115 mm
  • Click here for CD labels layout template in coreldraw format

You might also need prints for the DVD jewel case / cover. Printing of inserts is also possible.