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An exhibition is all about conveying information about your product or service in the quickest and most enticing manner possible. A collapsible exhibition backdrop is one invaluable aid to doing this.

Most exhibition stalls are of size 3 meters X 3 meters. That’s approximately 10 feet X 10 feet. The back of this stall is just a blank wall. It makes sense to put up you communication and product images here, for garnering client attention. At Orchid Digitals in Pune, we now offer a solution for this. We have a collapsible exhibition backdrop which expands to a size of 8 feet height X 8 feet width. That is approximately 2.5 meters square.

height and width extensible frame for trade show displays
quick and easy setup of trade show printed backdrop
telescopic hollow rods that make the frame of exhibition backdrop
detachable frame for trade show display
exhibition backdrop having lightweight telescopic rods and stands

Collapsible and Lightweight Exhibition backdrop

Most exhibitors generally travel to remote locations to advertise their product. They can only carry a limited amount of weight there. Also, all their display solutions need to be portable. Imagine trying to stuff an 8 X 8 foot metal frame inside an airplane! The exhibition backdrop shown is portable and extremely light weight. Moreover, it can be knocked down and packed into a 4 foot sports bag.

The rods that make up the sides, top and bottom of the frame, are telescopic in nature. This means that they are hollow and pushed into each other. The entire frame can be expanded or contracted from a minimum size of 4 feet square to a max size of 8 feet square.

print size to be stretched on the frame of collapsible exhibition backdrop

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Kind of backdrop needed

High Resolution Flex Print for the Exhibition Backdrop

Once the backdrop frame is up, we need to stretch a high quality print on the same. At Orchid, we use our high resolution Limojet solvent printer to create the same. Once the 8 X 8 foot print is ready, we create hollow pockets / sleeves on the top and bottom. All that the client has to now do, is push in the top and bottom pipes of the frame into these sleeves. S/he then has to stretch the frame by expanding the telescopic rods and viola, your trade exhibit display is ready.

Trade show display costings

Exhibition backdrop8 feet width X 8 feet height
High resolution star flex print 12000/-

GST 18% extra

Video showing the setting up of an exhibition backdrop

The video below was recorded to show how easy it is, to set up the trade show display. All it takes, is a few minutes…

Exhibition brochure dispenser / display stand

This is a nifty piece of equipment for your exhibition booth. Erect in less than a minute and stack it with your brochures or leaflets. When done, just fold the whole structure into a tiny case and carry it back to the office.

Collapsible brochure display stand

Collapsible brochure display stand

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