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Industries require a lot of safety signage boards. Factories, shop floors, office blocks, malls, hotels, theaters, etc. are places where a large number of people gather. Direction boards are needed to guide these people. Fire evacuation maps are required in case of an emergency. Apart from this there are areas which are restricted or areas where access is given only to only certain people. At times, around certain machinery it is mandatory to put on gear like hard hats, goggles, gloves, etc. Safety signs primarily warn of workplace hazards and instruct employees on the proper precautions to take to avoid injuries.

Download Safety Signs / Posters

At Orchid we have safety boards in both, a horizontal as well as vertical layout. The horizontal boards are of size 18″ inches in width and 6″ inches in height. The vertical safety posters measure 8″ inches in width and 12″ inches in height. While these dimensions provide good visibility, the same can be altered to meet your individual requirement.

Shown in the table below are some ready designs of safety signs. Click on the download link to download the safety signs in a printable PDF format. You will need Acrobat Reader to view / print the same.

Safety Signs Horizontal 18 inches wide X 6 inches high

safety signs - loading dock safety signs - do not open safety signs - danger
safety signs - danger high voltage safety signs - danger live wire
safety signs - horizontal - wear shoes safety signs - horizontal - wear mask safety signs - horizontal - wear goggles
safety signs - horizontal - wear gloves safety signs - horizontal - wear face shield safety signs - horizontal - turn off lights
safety signs - horizontal - authorised person only safety signs - horizontal - no entry safety signs - horizontal - highly flammable
safety signs - horizontal - fire extinguisher safety signs - horizontal - fire alarm safety signs - horizontal - emergency exit
safety signs - horizontal - do not drink
safety signs - horizontal - assembly point safety signs - horizontal - hand wash safety signs - horizontal - first aid
safety signs - horizontal - meeting point safety signs - horizontal - main switch safety signs - horizontal - drinking water
safety signs - horizontal - eye wash safety signs - horizontal - exit safety signs - horizontal - emergency stop
safety signs - horizontal - fire exit

To download the horizontal safety signs as a PDF, click here.

Safety Posters Vertical 8 inches wide X 12 inches high

safety posters - vertical - danger high voltage safety posters - vertical - danger live wire safety posters - vertical - danger safety posters - vertical - do not open
safety posters - vertical - loading dock
safety posters - vertical - turn off lights safety posters - vertical - wear face shield safety posters - vertical - wear gloves safety posters - vertical - wear goggles
safety posters - vertical - wear mask safety posters - vertical - wear shoes
safety posters - vertical - authorised person only safety posters - vertical - do not drink safety posters - vertical - emergency exit safety posters - vertical - fire alarm
safety posters - vertical - fire extinguisher safety posters - vertical - highly flammable safety posters - vertical - no entry safety posters - vertical - no smoking
safety posters - vertical - assembly point safety posters - vertical - drinking water safety posters - vertical - emergency stop safety posters - vertical - exit
safety posters - vertical - eye wash safety posters - vertical - fire exit safety posters - vertical - first aid safety posters - vertical - hand wash
safety posters - vertical - main switch safety posters - vertical - meeting point
To download the vertical safety posters as a PDF, click here.

OSHA Safety Signage

Osha guidelines for safety signage

Osha guidelines for safety signage

In 2013, OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Administration ) updated the safety signs standard. Safety posters were to include pictograms and  symbols to convey the message. Messaging and text must include hazard type, consequence and avoidance statements. As per OSHA’s guidelines, safety posters broadly fall under the following categories:

  • OSHA safety signage categories

    OSHA safety signage categories

    DANGER (red and White): These signs are to used hazardous situations that can result in death or serious injury. This signs must be accompanied by an alert symbol.

  • CAUTION (yellow and black): Caution signage is used in a situation that may result in minor or moderate injury. Alert symbol is required only in situations that result in property damage.
  • NOTICE (blue and white): These signs are used to communicate company policy.
  • EMERGENCY (green and white): Emergency signs identifies safety equipment and safe work practices.

Safety Signs / Posters specifications

At Orchid, we have ready posters for your safety signage requirements. The signs have a easily identifiable symbol or icon on the left accompanied by relevant text on the right. The signs are printed on vinyls, laminated to increase ruggedness and durability. Further, we mount them on 3 mm rigid sunboard. These boards can then be easily pasted / drilled in the work place by the end customers.

If necessary, the boards can be provided in auto glow / night glow options. Night glow safety boards are printed on a special radium vinyl. The vinyl absorbs light in the day or when the lights are switched on. It then emits a highly visible glow at night or when in complete darkness. Auto glow boards are used extensively for showing the Emergency Exit’ location.

Fire Evacuation Maps

Fire evacuation maps are another big requirement that is fulfilled at Orchid. While there cannot be any ready to use standard design for this application, the clients’ architects generally provide the design / layout. We print these maps on vinyl and mount them on 3 mm sunboard. The resulting poster can then be easily pasted or nailed to the walls at the customer’s location.

Fire evacuation map - safety signs

Fire evacuation map – safety signs

Safety signs assembly point in case of fire

Fire Evacuation Map at Ozone building showing assembly zone in case of fire