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It is often said that a customer makes up his or her mind within the first few seconds of meeting a marketing person. The sales guy has to make a good impression right away. One of the first things he does is hand over his business card. But printed visiting cards are a dime a dozen. Most people hardly give them a second glance. That’s the reason why so many marketing personnel hand over these cards using two hands. A ritual is created out of a simple act of exchanging information, just to get a client’s attention. But hand over a stunning laser cut business card and you will surely elicit a ‘WOW’ from your prospective customer. A laser cut business card is a meld of a card digitally printed business card and a logo or some eye catching design cut with a laser engraver.

Laser cut business card for Xclusive Interiors

Ms. Nidhi Jaju is an award winning architect of the Xclusive Interiors design firm. Like the name suggests, everything she has to create, has to be exclusive. She walked into our office with a pretty challenging job requirement. She wanted a laser cut business card. But her specifications were pretty stringent. Creating one card involved numerous processes.

laser cut visiting card with rounded corners

Logo laser cut in digitally printed visiting card

Ms. Jaju stipulated a back to back printed card on a very stiff paper. The paper also had to have a texture and a sheen which reflected light. Further Three corners of the card had to be curved. Most importantly, her company logo, which had very fine detailing, had to be cut into the center of the card. The logo was stylized ‘X’ which was symmetrical along the Y-axis. Hence, it read as an ‘X’ whether the card was viewed from the front or the back. Read on to find out how we executed this job.

stack of laser cut visting cards ready for delivery

stack of laser cut visting cards ready for delivery

Laser cut visiting card

We printed the visiting card on a thick 325 gsm Ivory paper using our KC8000 digital printer. An extremely tight back to back registration was an absolute must, given all the processes that had to follow. The paper was then UV laminated and given a sand texture. The texture gave the card a nice tactile feel and the UV overcoat made it glitter when viewed at an angle. We then used our Spirit Laserpro to cut out the ‘X’ logo. Since there were half mm details in the logo, we had to fire the laser at a very low power to ensure that the paper did not burn through. Finally a corner cutter was used to give the cards rounded corners on three of its vertices. Have a look the photos to see the end results…