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custom cut stencil made out of MDF / wood using a laser engraver

Orchid Digitals, Pune has the ability to deliver custom cut stencils of your particular shapes and patterns. Hobby shops can only give you generic stencil designs. But what do you do if you need to create laser cut stencils for painting logos, designs, personalized shapes or patterns etc.?

At Orchid we have two laser engravers which can cut a variety of materials to a very fine accuracy. And one of their unique applications is  the ability to create of stencils as per the clients’ design and specifications. So mail us mail us the file of the cutting outline, make a choice of the material from which the stencil needs to be cut and your custom laser cut stencils for painting will be ready in no time.

custom cut stencils made out of white acrylic using a laser engraver

Pricing for custom cut stencils

we usually cut stencils out of thin but rigid sheets of plastic, MDF or acrylic, depending upon the customers’ specifications. Some people even order paper stencils if the project has a limited budget. The very idea behind creating a stencil is that it can be used over and over again. So, the harder and stronger the material you use, the longer the life of the stencil.

You can also bring in your own material from which the stencil needs to be cut. Alternatively, we stock two materials that create pretty good stencils for painting. Prices for all of the options are mentioned below…

Cut stencils out of your own material (you need to bring in the same)Stencils cut out of .5 mm thick PVC sheet.Stencils cut out of 3 mm thick acrylic sheet
Rs.10/- per minuteRs.1/50 per square inchRs.4/- per square inch
So for example, if you get a 3 mm thick sheet of wood and it takes the machine 5 minutes to cut the design, the cost is 5 minutes X Rs.10/- per minute = Rs.50/-Use this material for short run projects. Material is liable to tear over longer periods or repeated useThis material is pretty thick and strong. Hence, will last for longer periods.
Our laser machines can easily cut up to 10 mm in thickness. So bring in your choice of sheets of rubber, plastic, wood or even paperThis material is opaque but pliable. Hence, you can use the same to paint over curved surfacesThis material is available in a transparent option. So you can see the surface below. This makes placement and positioning of the stencil, pretty easy
Please note that some materials cannot be laser cut and catch fire. So try out a small sample first.Transparent stencils also allow you to check if the paint is bleeding under the edges

18% GST on the above is charged extra


custom cut stencils created from acrylic, plastic and wood
company logo laser cut stencil for painting
pattern cut into MDF using a CNC router
custom cut stencils made from fabric and paper

Care to be taken while painting over custom cut stencils

Wikipedia defines a stencil as a design or pattern cut out of any thin and rigid material which can be used for repeatedly reproducing the said pattern. This cut out acts as an intermediate object between the paint brush and the surface which needs to be painted upon. The paint flows into the cut out areas and on to the surface of the object.

Stencils facilitate the quick and accurate reproduction of complex designs and patterns. Also, they can be used by people without any expert drawing skills. You might be familiar with the readily available rangoli and wall art stencils in craft and hobby shops. Spray on tattooists also use stencils to quickly create art on the patrons’ skin. So by painting on top of these stencils, you can easily re-create beautiful and complex designs on walls, fabric, wood, furniture etc. Industrial applications for stencils include marking packing crates and machine parts. A variety of signboards are also created with the help of stenciling.

Material options for creating laser cut stencils for painting

There is a wide variety of choices are available when it comes to creating your own stencils. Transparent stencils allow for accurate placement and you can also see if the paint is seeping below the edges. Alternatively, thin and flexible plastic stencils keep the project within budge. Apart from this, you also have the flexibility of bringing in your own material to be cut. As you can see from the images below, the same stencil has been cut from clear acrylic, wood and thin plastic…

laser cut stencils for painting made out of clear acrylic

Spraying paint over a cut design sounds easy. But some care does need to be taken in order to ensure a crisp reproduction of the pattern. A little paint always bleeds under the edges of the stencil and is every artist’s curse. Stenciling on corners and curved surfaces come with their own set of challenges. Here are a few pointers to get you started…

  • Use painters tape or stencil adhesive spray to hold the stencil in place. A stencil which moves mid-spray results in a messy job. These tapes fix the stencil in place and also allow for its easy re-positioning.
  • Use stencil art brushes instead of simply spraying on the paint. Here you can control the flow of the liquid paint and reduce paint bleed under the edges of the stencil.

There are a whole lot of resources on the web which explain how to stencil properly. I found these links informative. Do have a look…

Click on the video below to see a laser engraver in action. What’s shown is a stencil being cut out of MDF…

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