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Have you ever wondered how a logo is cut inside a premium quality visiting card. Or how a name and image are seemingly burned on the side of a wooden key chain. Laser cutting is used in thee former and laser cutting / engraving, in the latter.

Laser engraving on signageLaser engraving on fabric for the fashion industrylaser cutting and engravingLaser etching on glasslaser cutting on leather for gift articles and ornamentslaser etching on key chains, pens and paperGift articles made by laser cutting and engravingLaser etching done on plastic productlaser cutting of MDF sheets to create modelsLaser cutting of acrylic to create delicate articles

Laser Cutting, engraving & etching

A tightly focused beam of laser can be used to cut through a variety of materials. We can cut though paper, fabric, acrylic, thin sheets of wood and MDF. The same laser cutting machine can also be used to engrave intricate patterns, names or logos on a variety of materials like, glass, laser ply, wood, wood tiles anodized ply, etc.

Laser cutting involves cutting through and through the material. Alternatively,  laser engraving would be something similar to burning a design on the surface of the substrate.

At Orchid we have two, very high precision laser engravers. We have a 25 watt Laser Pro Spirit for very fine and detailed work. On the other hand, our 100 watt laser cutting machine is like a cannon. It is powerful enough to cut through 18 mm acrylic sheets and burn through thick planks of wood. As you see from the above slideshow, the applications of this technology are manifold. Laser cutting and laser engraving can be used for…

  • logo cutting on visiting card
  • engraving on key chains, diaries, and pens
  • cut acrylic to create name plates and even vehicle license plates
  • create stencils for engineering applications
  • manufacture jigs for workshops
  • make product prototypes
  • personalized gift articles
  • laser cutting of instrument panels
  • use anodized laser ply / laser sticker for creating lables
  • engrave or cut intricate patterns on fabric, for the fashion industry
  • cut acrylic letters and logos for the signage industry