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No parking boards strung on the gates and entrances of shops are a common sight in a densely populated city like Pune. Parking, in such cities, is always at a premium. There are many instances, where people inadvertently park their vehicles in front of society gates and shop entrances. This creates a lot of inconvenience for the residents who find their access blocked.

design for no parking boardsboard showing parking forbiddenArtwork for a no littering board

While this problem is troublesome, marketeers and advertisers have found a way to exploit it to the benefit of their clients. They simply string up no parking boards on the gates. Off course, along with the prohibiting message, they also advertise their client’s products / services.

Printing of no parking boards

Say you are running a local business like a nursery for kids or a beauty salon. You will need to get visibility and recognition in your area. One of the ways to do this is print banners and string them up on poles or trees on the street. But to do this, you will need to get permissions from the local municipal authorities. They might even charge you a license fee. Printing and displaying hoardings is another option. But this is pretty expensive, and might not be covered by the budgets of individually owned retail businesses.

corrugated flute board viewed edgewise

corrugated flute boards viewed edgewise, showing the hollow flutes

No parking boards carrying sponsorship messages of your business is a great alternative that you should consider. What you need is a colorful and eye catching artwork. Perhaps it could contain you logo and a brief about you services. Off course it also needs to display the ‘no parking’ message in a bold and clear manner. A 40:60 proportion between your artwork and the no parking message should be ideal.

do not park in front of this gate boards

stack of printed no parking boards

No parking boards – Specifications

A no parking board, strung on a gate on the road, needs to have the following characteristics…

  • It needs to be economical. You never know when someone might tear and throw it off.
  • It needs to be whether proof and should be able to with stand rain and sunlight
  • It has to be lightweight. The guy who will be tying the boards, on the entrances down the road will be carrying stacks of the same. Lower the weight, easier the transportation.
  • The boards have to be rigid. Obviously we do not want them flapping in the wind.

At Orchid Digitals, we print no parking boards in two sizes – A4 and A3. They cost rupees 30/- and 50/- respectively. Given below are the material specifications…

  • The boards are digitally printed in multicolors and the image reproduction is crisp and clear
  • The substrate used is a corrugated plastic sheet as shown in the image below. Corrugated sheets are rigid and pretty strong.
  • The fluted corrugated sheet also ensure that the board is extremely light in weight.
  • The boards have an clear over laminate to make them weather proof.
  • Finally we provide two eyelets on top. You can thread the board through these eyelets and tie them to the bars of the society gate.