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Personalized parking stickers are a common customer requirement. Vehicles are increasing in every household. Hence, many housing societies need to regulate the entry and parking of vehicles of their members. What is needed is an instantly identifiable design. The security guard at the entrance refers to this parking permit before granting access, or restricting the same, to the vehicle.

Custom printed parking stickers

At Orchid Digitals we can print a personalized parking stickers to suit your requirements.

  • The parking sticker can be of any size you choose
  • You can opt for a triangular, circular or square shaped parking permit. In fact we can produce stickers in just about any shape that you fancy, using our Roland print and cut machine
  • The parking stickers need to bear the name of the society or company logo for instant identification
  • We can also include additional data like parking bay number, vehicle registration number, owner’s name, etc. in the sticker
parking permit stickers for two wheelers and four wheelers with sequential numbers
vehicle parking stickers with variable data parking bay numbers expiry date serial number

Ready to buy Parking Stickers?

We’ll mail you some draft designs and costings.

Please give us an idea of your requirements, by filling in the form below. We’ll create some draft designs bearing your own society’s name. We’ll also mail you a formal proposal containing media options and costings. The proposal will explain the difference between regular and night reflective parking permits. It will also give an idea of the cost you’ll be expected to pay, for the same.

What kind of parking stickers do you need?

close up view of resident parking permit
sticker pasted from inside the car windscreen

Parking sticker designs / artwork

As stated above, we use our variable data program to personalize each sticker. So, in addition to the logo / society name, the stickers can then include sequential numbers, flat numbers or even individual vehicle numbers. Thus the managing committee can maintain a register which keeps track of the permits allotted to individual members.

Another common requirement of housing societies is the need to differentiate between parking tags allotted to permanent residents and tenants. While the former have permanent stickers, the latter are generally allotted stickers with an expiry date. Shown above are some sample layouts which incorporate logos, variable data and expiry date.

The difference between parking stickers for cars and bikes

Parking permits need to be pasted from the top on two wheelers. Alternatively, when used in cars, they need to be reverse pasted from within a car’s windshield. Both front pasting and reverse pasting vehicle sticker options are available at Orchid. In both these cases, the print is water proof and all weather proof.

Reflective & night glow parking stickers

As an added security feature we can even print your vehicle stickers on a reflective vinyl. We use 3M HIP (high intensity prismatic) film, for this purpose. This film has the unique property of shining with an extremely high intensity in the dark, even when a little light falls on it.

3M HIP high intensity prismatic film

The benefit of 3M HIP film is that the gate guards can identify the vehicle from a distance. They can then raise the boom barrier well in advance of the vehicles approach, to grant access. This is the same film used in high way signboards. Here is a comparison of how the high intensity reflective film looks during the day and at night.

4 wheeler parking stickers shining in the dark
3M HIP high intensity prismatic film print

Two and four wheeler parking sticker costings

Parking permit costs vary on the basis of their size and media. We have taken a standard size of 2.5 inches width X 3 inches height and given various cost options. This is the same size depicted in the sample artwork above…

  Hi- Res Vinyl printReflective 3M - HIP ( high intensity prismatic ) print
High quality print on photo vinyl (does not reflect in dark)Ideal for dark area conditions and instant recognition. Intensely reflects light at night
Car reverse pastingGumming on top, to paste from within the windshield15/-35/-
Scooter front pastingGumming on bottom to paste on top of scooter surface10/-30/-

The above costs include:

  1. Delivery by prime / fast courier to your location
  2. 18% GST, which gets credited back to you if your society has a GST number

Please take some time out to have a look at the videos shown below. They show how the stickers are to be pasted…

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