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Die cut or shape cut stickers are a unique product that we have at Orchid Digitals. Company logos are not necessarily square or rectangular. So we provide oval, circle or triangle shaped logo stickers. In fact, we can cut custom vinyl stickers in just about any nonlinear shape that you can think of.

Shape cut vinyl stickers to create beautiful decals
logo print and cut in a non linear shape
Custom cut vinyl sticker using a printer and cutting plotter
custom shaped stickers are better at getting attention than a rectangular label

A shape cut sticker makes a difference

But modern marketing is all about attention grabbing and catching the eye of the customer. So, a sticker in the shape of a logo, or a star shaped label will highlight your message more strongly than a forgettable rectangular label. Two images of the same product have been branded by differently shaped labels. You decide which looks better…

custom shaped stickers are better at getting attention than a rectangular label

How do print and cut vinyl stickers get made?

Bring to mind a passport size photo with your face on it. The photo is rectangular. Along with the actual face, it also has some background. Now imagine that the background is removed. What remains is an image cut in the shape or outline of a face. This is what contour cutting means.

Our Roland XC 540 and Roland VS 640 machines are equipped with in line cutters / blades. These plotter blades can cut along the edges or contours of any artwork. All this happens automatically, while the vinyl is being printed. In the print industry, these products are referred to as ‘half cut stickers’. The half cut refers to the fact that the top portion of the sticker gets cut in the shape you want, while the lower release paper remains intact. This makes peeling the label, extremely easy.

cut along the contour edge of die cut stickers

File format required for a print and cut sticker

You can use any type of .jpg or image file for making shape cut vinyl stickers. But the outline has to be separately defined as a vector. This can be done in a design software like Corel Draw. Click here to learn how to define edges / contours in Corel Draw.

Once the file is ready, it is fired on the plotter. The machine first prints out the image. It then waits for a couple of minutes for the inks to dry. Finally the printer runs a cutting blade over the defined outline and your non-linear shape cut stickers are ready. It makes sense to have a little white edge or space between the image and the outline which is going to be cut. This highlights the matter within and also increases the life of the sticker significantly. The result is a beautiful sticker or decal cut in any shape we desire.

Applications for shape cut stickers

  • Labeling: Make you product labels more attractive and colorful
  • Product branding: Give a finished look to your products using custom shaped decals
  • Company logo highlighting: Make stickers in  the outline of your company logo
  • Parking stickers: Windscreen parking stickers and permits are a perfect application. Please click here to know more.

Price for print and cut vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers are charged per square foot. So you need to reverse calculate the cost per piece, based on the number of stickers fitting in one square foot.

For example, the per sq. ft. of print and vinyls is Rs.70/-. Let us assume that you have a 2 inch X 2 inch sticker. 36 stickers of this dimension will fit in a square foot. So the cost per piece is 70 / 36. This works out to approximately rupees 1.90 per piece.

 White opaque vinylTransparent vinylReflective vinyl
Price per sq. ft.70/-90/-110/-

GST 18% extra on the above

per piece cost of shape cut stickers

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Shape cut stickers / decals printed on vinyl

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