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Roll-up standees are a product that every exhibitor and advertiser requires. Exhibitions happen in centralized locations, with the various exhibitors coming in from different and sometimes distant, locations. So, these people need a compact portable solution to display their product images and information. Hence printed standees fulfill their requirements perfectly.

Standee printing size and operation

Standee printing generally happens in size 6 feet height by 3 feet width. Moreover, these standees can be collapsed to a very compact size. We also provide roll-up standees of size 6 X 4, 6 X 6 and 8 X 8. In all cases, standee printing is done high quality photo poster or on flex material. This print is flexible and can be rolled up to create a very compact package.

The print is mounted on a spring loaded stand. There is a spring powered cylinder inside the standee which pulls at the print to keep it taut and flat. When the stand is unlocked the print rolls unto itself very much like a window blind. To display the print you simply pull it out and hitch it onto the jointed bar provided along with the standee.

roll up standee can be easily set up
standee printing on high resolution photo poster

Rollup standees are extremely convenient

It takes less than a minute to set up the display stand and show people products range or corporate message. Most importantly, the whole structure is extremely light weight and portable. It is designed so that it can be carried to distant exhibition locations. The 3 foot standee can even be carried in flight cabin. The larger sizes can be bundled with your check in baggage.

standee printing on collapsible stands

Rollup Standees: Prices and specifications

At Orchid Digitals we offer the following three options in collapsible stands. While the base structure in all these options remains the same, the print on top can be altered to suit the customer’s budget and application. Please have a look at the table below for more details on the same…

6 X 3 roll up standee printing costsStandee with photo poster printing materialStandee with star flex printing material 
QualityHi resolution photo print will bring up all detailsShiny star flex print is good for large text but not for detailed imagesFlex print is good for large text but not for detailed images
ApplicationUse in hotels, training camps exhibitions, high end clientele For display on the road, aisles, etc.For display on the road, aisles, etc.
Use whenArtwork contains lots of details, high res photos, etc.Artwork contains text and a logoArtwork contains text and a logo
FinishPrint on grey back poster - Matt / Print on white back posters - SheenHigh glossGloss
Edge droopMaterial will be rigid and the side edges will stand straightStar flex material is slightly soft and the edges will sagRegular flex is very thin and side edges will droop / curl inwards

GST on the above is 18%

standee printing of different sizes both larger and smaller

Standee printing in larger and smaller sizes:

While standees come in a uniform size of 6 X 3. We recommend sticking to this size. This is because, if you ever need to change the print on top, any print shop will have this size readily available. Nevertheless, we do have alternate options in sizes which are both, bigger and smaller…

Standee sizesPrices
5 X 2 feet1800/-
6 X 4 feet4500/-
6 X 6 feet6500/-
8 X 8 feetThis size falls in the category of a backdrop. Please click on the link here for more details on the same

GST on the above is 18%

Shown below are some images of standees of size 6 x 6 feet and 6 X 4 feet

6 X 6 feet standee printing in a large size like a backdrop
back view of large backdrop standee showing support bars
rollup standees of size 6 X 4
6 x 6 feet large size roll up standee

Standee printing and rollup standees as a convenient exhibition display solution

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