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Cosmetics and hair coloring brand ‘Streax’ is sold by Hygienic Research Institute. As with all retail products the ‘Streax’ brand needs to be visible at stores where it is stocked. Beauty salons are typical point of sale (POS) locations where the branding needs to done… Orchid branded about 15 locations in Pune for this company. The solutions offered, included…
  1. Frontlit metal frame shop boards
  2. One way vision films for glass panels
  3. Photo vinyle prints on sunboard
  4. Standees
Here is the procedure we follow for POS / store branding…
  1. Site recce to check sizes and locations available for branding
  2. Design adaptation as per the available sizes
  3. Costings per store and total costings
  4. Printing upon receiving approval
  5. Installation
  6. Photographic evidence to show job execution
  7. Bill submission
Here are some pics of the job done… [metaslider id=1085]
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