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store branding done for a clothing company in a mall using photo prints on sun board

“Dikhta hai…  toh bikta hai…”, is an old adage that no Indian tradesman needs explaining. And that is what a well-planned in store branding activity will seek to address. Any decent retail outlet will always offer multiple brands and choices of the same product. A prospective buyer walks into a shop all ready to make a buy decision. She is evaluating the various options in front of her. It at this psychological moment, that a good marketer has to highlight his offering above the others. And this is what in shop branding is all about. The use of strategically placed visuals at the point of sale, to influence a client to opt for your product over that of the competitors.

Modern retail today, requires high visibility of a company’s offerings at the point of sale. Sellers of FMCG products vie for visual space in malls, supermarkets, retail shops, etc. They need to advertise their products at these important locations. And Orchid Digitals is well placed to help them achieve their in shop branding goals.

Store branding at retail outlets

Orchid uses its printing expertise and installation teams to brand virtually any area of a store. We provide lit or non-lit exterior shop boards. We paste prints and posters for walls and glass partitions. We can customize delivery vehicles and even the floors of a shop. Manufacturers or super stockists of consumer goods generally have a tie up with various dealers and re-sellers, of their products, in the city. But they need a solution to showcase their brand of products at the point of sale. So what Orchid Digitals does, is provide the following solution:

  • Site check of the individual outlets
  • Explore the possibilities of advertising at these locations
  • Create a report of the media to be used and the size of the prints
  • Working out the cost off the shop branding project
  • Printing and installing the prints at the various stores
  • Uploading photographs of the finished job as proof of installation


installation report showing images of the areas of the mall being branded the media used the sizes and the costs for the same

Media options and costs for shop branding of retail outlets

The mantra of any meaningful marketing program comprises of the following two points:

  • Grabbing the attention of the maximum number of customers
  • Achieving the above at the lowest possible cost

At Orchid Digitals we have a whole lot of economical options for store branding. Choice of media depends on the area of the shop where the advertising has to take place. For example, you would probably opt of a lit board for the exteriors of the shop to attract walk in customers. On the other hand, non lit media works for interiors as the inside of a shop is already well lit. As discussed above, there are also different options for walls, glass partitions, floors and even ceilings.  More particularly, we use the following media to brand different parts of a shop.

Costs for branding the exterior of stores

Branding the exteriors of a shop has a one point agenda. To entice a customer, to walk in. Solutions for shop boards and advertising on the glass frontage of stores are the two main categories listed here.
MediaDescription - Material SpecificationsPriceReference Images ( shown below )
GSBs - Backlit glow sign boards for the main shop boardHi resolution star flex print stretched on a 16 gauge metal box frame with approximately 6 inches depth, containing electronic, Phillips or equivalent tube lights. The whole box affixed on to the wall over the shop entrance using ‘L’ bracketsRs. 280/- per square footPizza hut backlit gate arch
Frontlit flex metal frame for the main board of the shopHi resolution star flex print stretched on a 1 inch thick metal frame drilled on to the wall over the shop entrance.Rs. 90/- per square footRoyal Canin shop board of pet store
One way vision mesh film for glass facadesThis is a high resolution photo print on a special film pasted on the glass frontage of the store. This film shows the company branding to passer byes on the road while at the same time allowing people inside the store, to look outside.Rs. 90/- per square footRoyal Canin glass frontage of clinic
Premium acrylic ACP signs with LED lightsThese are high end signs fabricated from a mix of materials like acrylic and aluminum composite panels. LEDs are used as the light source for the same. Price depends on design and material specificationsWhere Else metal letters with LED backlight

Please note:

  • Add 18% GST to the above prices
  • Transportation may be charged extra if applicable
A back lit glow sign board or GSB for short is a box with tube lights and flex stretched, thereon. Its used mainly for the shop's main board.
glass frontage of a store branded with one way vision mesh film
frontlit flex boad with metal frame for the outside shop board
premium shop signs with 3D letters laser cut from acrylic and lit with LEDs mounted on aluminium composite panel - ACP

Branding the interiors of shops

Interior shop branding consists of advertising on the walls, glass partitions, floors and even ceilings of store. Given below are the costs and reference images of the various options available, for the same.
MediaDescription - Material SpecificationsPriceReference Images ( shown below )
Wall prints and postersThese are photo vinyl prints, with matt lamination, mounted on 3 mm thick sunboard. The sunboard (also known as foamsheet) is then pasted or drilled on to the wall inside the store.Price = Rs. 110/- per square footPizza Hut - Wow 99 / 199
Glass film printsPrints on opaque, transparent or translucent films are used to brand the inside glass partitions and counters of the storePrice = Rs. 90/- per square footWorld map pasted on glass
Floor GraphicsThis is special grade of vinyl which can be pasted on the floors of the store. Modern malls have a footfall numbering in thousands, on a daily basis. And yet, our floor vinyls are strong enough to withstand the steps of each of these visitors.Price = Rs. 150/- per square footWelcome to CD corner pasted on the floor
Acrylic laser cut logosThis is a premium product which renders the name of the store or logo in laser cut acrylic. The logo has a raised 3D effect and is extremely eye catching.Price = Rs. 600/- per square footI-Trend homes acrylic lettering

Please note:

  • Add 18% GST to the above prices
  • Transportation may be charged extra if applicable
photo vinyl sunboard prints for in shop branding
graphical floor prints pasted on the floor of a mall
transparent glass film prints for partitions inside a shop
3D acrylic laser cut logo signs for offices and shops

Onsite installation of prints at shops across the city

Just offering the above prints does not constitute a complete solution. In addition to our printing prowess, we have also have teams of fitters and pasting guys. These people go over to the various locations in the city, to fit the prints. This initial print, to final installation solution is exactly what makes Orchid Digitals the right choice for your in store branding project.

recce report for in of a sporting goods retail shop showing media options, sizes and costs

Reconnoitering and report creation for branding stores at multiple locations

Many a times, before the actual store branding can begin, we need to gather data about what kind of prints have to be installed inside the store. We need the correct sizes of the relevant walls and glass partitions where the branding has to be done. The original artwork has to be adapted to these sizes. Finally a report has to be created showing all this data, along with the price for each print.

Oftentimes a company needs to advertise their products at multiple locations in the city. An initial recce report is created, showing photos of these locations. The report also gives a store wise costing, which helps the manager at the distant location, in making his budgetary decisions. Given above is an image of a report created for an apparel company for their store branding activity across Pune city. As you can see, the report clearly states the following:

  • The kind of media that needs to be used.
  • The size of the area that needs to be covered.
  • The cost for branding that particular space.
  • A reference image of the location where the print is going to be put up.
  • Finally an image of the job executed, as proof of installation.
Adapting a standard artwork to different sizes, layouts and orientations depending on the sizes available at different stores

Artwork adaptation

Stores come in all sizes and shapes. Some have hundred feet facades that can be branded, while others offer just one side of a pillar to put up advertising communication. Glass doors extend the full height from the floor to the ceiling at some stores while other owners demand that only the lower half be covered by prints. And this variance in sizes leads to an interesting problem.

The main company which needs the branding project executed generally has only one or two generic artworks. This has to be customized and adapted for each location. The design has to be vertically or horizontally resized for each store location. And before you pop the question ‘who does that’, its again Orchid to the rescue. While we are not an advertising company, Orchid does have designers that can make the necessary changes in the artwork to suit each individual store.

Some of our clients for whom we have done shop branding for

Printing and installing those prints in shops and offices, is something we do on a daily basis. We have our teams of fitters and fabricators ready do bring the most challenging jobs to fruition. Listed below are some of the companies that we have provided services for. Also listed are images of the work we have done for them.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any shop branding project that you may have in mind.

Pizza HutStreax CosmeticsRoyal Canin Pets food
KFCKeune CosmeticsJohnson & Johnson Pharmacies
McDonaldsMother's RecipeJust in Time watch outlets
Zoiro InnerwearGodrej and BoyceChristine Valmy
Hills dog care productsBosch EngineeringSKF Bearings
store branding involves branding on the exteriors in the form of main shop board branding - GSB for JnJ
Eco solvent vinyl print with sun board mounted on the front glass of a salon
Front lit shop board and glass film prints used for product advertising at the Streax beauty saloon
Product branding done at Christine Valmy beauty saloon using sun board