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One of the rooms in the house we newly shifted into, had a bare and pretty dull looking wall. I wanted to put up a photo frame of my family to break the monotony. But a conventional, rectangular shaped frame can hold only one large sized image. What I was looking for was a frame which would hold multiple pictures to create a collage of images from different times in our life. I did consider tacking on individual photos onto the wall, but that looks too shabby. So, after thinking about this for a couple of days, I came up with this idea for a rather unconventionally shaped photo frame.

We took a 10 mm thick sheet of sunboard and cut it with a router into the ‘swastik’ shape above. We chose sunboard over wood because it is light in weight, easy to cut and has a very smooth finish. As you can see, the overlap of the arms allowed for a multi picture photo frame. Once the cutting was done, it was fairly easy to spray pain the frame. Pictures were inserted from behind the individual arms as can bee seen from the image below.

The frame was painted black and was to be hung over a white wall. So we took a conscious decision to keep the images within in black and white as well. The multiple images allowed for a choice of images. The overall effect was pretty cool. It becomes a talking point whenever guests visit our home.