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Walk into any mall or a modern retail store and you’ll see jaw dropping prints in a thin light box. These boxes are also referred to, as translite LED panels. The high quality prints inside are on a film called translite. These special films allow light to pass through. The backlit effect gives a very vivid effect and adds a punch to the print.

Orchid Digitals caters to a variety of fast-food stores like McDonalds, Kentecky Fried Chiken, Cafe Peter Doughnuts and Pizza Hut. Walk into any of their stores and you will see that they extensively use slim line LED boxes to display their menus and images of their food products.

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A translite print is always printed at very high resolutions. The images on the same look beautiful even when the back light is switched off. But turn on high powered LEDs and the backlight makes the image stunning to look at. This product is an absolute must for retail point of sale locations.

Slim Line Translite LED Panels

Traditional backlit boards were bulky. You had a 6 inch thick metal frame containing florescent tube lights. A backlit flex print was then stretched  across this frame. While this low cost solution is ideal for outdoor applications, it just would not work for the interiors of a high end retail store. The slim line Translite LED panel is exactly what it says. At less than half an inch thick, it is very very slim. As you can see from the pictures above, the panel is made of an acrylic sheet framed with an aluminium profile. The LEDs are installed in the inner edges of the frame. This is why, these types of frames are also known as ‘Edge Lit LED Frames’. The light given off by these LEDs is extremely vibrant and uniform.

Translite Prints Can Be Changed

The LED frame is a one time investment for you. The aluminium strips on the sides hold the acrylic sheet in place. But you can easily pop them open. A new translite print can then be inserted behind the loose sheet of acrylic and locked under the clipon aluminium frame once again. You can keep changing the images inside at just the cost of a new print. It is becomes the  print backlit boards t Go to any McDonald Off late, people are using lit boards for retail shops and point of sale locations. These boards are made of sheets of acrylic framed with an aluminum profile. The whole structure can then be mounted on a wall using nail studs or a nail bracket.

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