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Traditional printing techniques like offset and screen suffer from a major drawback. They can only deliver mass quantities of the same image. But variable data printing when used along with our digital black and color printers, can highly personalize your artwork.

Situations where variable data printing is necessary

Think of the following printing applications…

  • You need to print birthday invites bearing different names of the recipients
  • You need to print out mark sheets or report cards having different student data
  • Your customer wants parking stickers with different vehicle registration numbers
  • You need to create labels having different addresses
  • Your tickets or share certificates need to have consecutive numbers
  • You need to award certificates bearing different names and ranks
variable data printing using a form letter with different name fields

variable data printing using a form letter with different name fields

In each of the above cases, you will find two things

  • A static artwork in the background
  • Variable data within that page that keeps changing. This variable data could be in the form of…
    • Names and addresses
    • Serial numbers
    • Vehicle registration numbers
    • Marks and grades
    • Ranking or categories like 1st, 2nd, etc.

We have variable data printing modules enabled on our digital printing machines here in Pune. All you have to provide is…

  • The original artwork in the form of a pdf file, an .eps file, a Corel Draw file or even an image in the form of a .jpg file
  • The names, addresses, photos, and other variable data in an excel file
variable data processing with different data fields

variable data processing with different data fields

And that is all we need. We do the rest. The machines at Orchid mail merge the artwork and database files. The resultant output makes the the end recipient of the invite or mass mailer feel that the print has been made exclusively for him. This is a huge value addition to the print services you provide to your clients.

Have some questions. Don’t hesitate to call us. You can also send an email to Mitesh Sanghani.