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Vinyl printing is a generic term covering a vast variety of printing applications. Also the word ‘vinyl’ is also to refer to a wide range of media in the wide format printing industry. So we have vinyls that can be used for applications as diverse as…

As you can see from the above list, vinyl medias having different properties offer different print solutions.

high resolution vinyl printing

Hi resolution photo printing on gloss vinyl

What are printable vinyles

Printable vinyles are a nothing but a roll of plastic with a special coating on top. This coating allows inkjet, eco solvent and solvent printers to print on the surface of the same. The plastic roll can have different properties. For example, a clear and transparent roll would be used to brand glass partitions and cubicles. Straight, rectangular prints cannot be pasted around the curves of a car. So a stretchable media is used for vehicle wrapping. Apart from the media’s physical properties, the surface coating of the vinyls is also pretty important. From a printer’s viewpoint, this surface allows for printing of images at a very high resolution.

Most vinyl rolls have a gumming liner on the back. This sticker back allows you to paste the glue on a variety of surfaces. This media is referred to in the print industry as SAV – short for Self Adhesive Vinyl. You also get media without the glue on the backside. We typically use these non adhesive medias for posters and exhibition standees.

transparent vinyle printing pasted on glass

transparent vinyle printing pasted on glass

Vinyl printing applications

Based on the type of media and their physical properties, printable vinyls can be used for a variety of applications…

Different vinyl medias Applications
Vinyles with lamination and sun board wide format photo printing
Textured vinyls wallpapers and fine art printing
Transparent vinyls glass prints and decals
Mesh vinyls / one way vision glass partitions
Cast vinyls stickers and decals
Metallic vinyles interior decoration
High adhesion vinyls epoxy dome labels
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