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Girls of a certain age, love everything pink. And this is exactly what happened with my two preteen daughters. We were shifting into a new house. Everybody was coming up with their own interior decoration ideas. And trust me, some of them were pretty wacky.

The girls wanted a pink room and their mother wanted a really exclusive decor. No generic wall paper or paint, was good enough for her. Dozens of pink wardrobes were considered and rejected by my wife, in search of that elusive ‘wow’ idea. Finally inspiration struck and I came up with the idea of personalized furniture printing to create a beautiful living space for the kids.

A top coat of lamination was added to protect the print surface from scratches, scuffing and water damage. Finally the prints were mounted on a thin 3 mm sunboard sheet. This sheet was pasted on the wardrobe doors using Araldite glue to create this amazing example of furniture printing. Apart from the wardrobe, the girls also wanted a pink abstract design for the headboard of the bed. The same print had to continue on the bathroom door frame to give a uniform effect. Have a look at the images below see the overall effect.

Personalized furniture printing

Wardrobe doors are a plain surface and its pretty easy for a printer to print on a plain surface. We bundled the girls to a photo studio and clicked some high resolution pictures of them in various poses. What you are seeing above is a three door wardrobe of roughly 60 inches width and 7 feet in height. We chose an extreme close up of the two girls to achieve a larger than life effect.

Each of the three doors had a width of 19 inches. So while printing, the image was broken up into three parts. The printing was done on our high resolution HP 5500 inkjet photo printer.

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