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godrej and boyce locks
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Hardware outlets in Pune spruced up with snazzy product images

Mr. Sushil Thakur of Godrej & Boyce Company is in charge of the retail selling of hardware items like locks, doorknobs, drawer slides etc.

His products need visibility at various POS/point of sale locations around the city. These included hardware stores where the end-user, fitter or carpenter walks in and makes a ‘buy’ decision.

Orchid Digitals branded about 10 stores for him. We gave him a solution for printing and installing the following:

Images from this Store Branding Exercise

printed self adhesive vinyl used to brand the frontage of a hardware store
sunboard prints for point of sale branding at a harware store
sunboard print pasted on a pillar of a store showing product images of godrej and boyce products
self adhesive printed vinyls bearing product images pasted on the wall of a shop
instore branding using product pictures printed on foamsheet drilled on to the wall
product images of godrej boyce locks printed on sunboard and pasted on a wall of a retail harware store

Closing Note

Orchid Digitals provides a wide range of in-store branding services to shops across Pune. Be it a store-front, a glow sign shop board or the interiors of an outlet, we’ve got you covered. Do have a look at our end-to-end store branding services on this page here.

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