Textured paper prints

Add a High-End Look & Tactile Dimension To Your Paper Prints

  • Choose from our ready stock of almost 15 different textures and finishes
  • Canvas, leather, linen, and stucco textures among others available
  • Metallic finish papers also available
  • Give a highly premium look to your print job
  • Sheets available in size 12 X 18 inches (A3 Extra)
  • Sheets in the thickness of 250 GSM – 300 GSM
  • Ideal for greetings, invites, visiting cards, and high-end brochures
  • Textured paper prints starting from ₹ 40 for a 12 X 18-inch sheet


Textured Paper Prints – Detailed Description

Prints on textured paper look absolutely classy. They give a very rich and premium look to regular print jobs. Plain papers work great when it comes to printing commercial jobs like a brochure or flier. But some jobs need to be given that extra oomph. And that is where textured paper printing comes in.

Consider the following use-cases for example:

In all of the above cases, textured media will add an upmarket dimension to the original artwork. Print an invitation on a thick card having a ‘leather’ finish texture. And it’s superior look is sure to stand out and hold the attention of the invitee.

A Variety of Different Textures Available at Orchid Digitals

At Orchid Digitals, we stock 250 – 300 GSM thick sheets of paper having lots of different textures for our customers to choose from. These are ideal for post cards, invites, greetings, and high-end photo posters.

Walk into our store in Pune and you’ll be able to browse through an album full of the textured fine art paper. And for those of our online customers (who cannot come over to our place), here are high-resolution images of the different types of printable textured papers that we have at our press.

Rendezvous Texture

Finos Rendezvous textured paper is pretty popular among graphic artists. This paper is used for creating premium brochures and visiting cards. The paper here does not have any regular textured pattern. It just has a rough and uneven surface very much like vellum. This texture is also referred to as ‘Natural Evolution Paper’ in the print industry.

Canvas Texture

printing paper having a canvas like texture ideal for reproducing paintings and photographs
printing paper having a canvas like texture ideal for reproducing paintings and photographs

A favorite among art enthusiasts, this texture closely mimics natural cotton canvas prints. It is widely used to reproduce paintings.

Cream Canvas

canvas textured paper with a slight creamish tint that adds a yellow hue to prints to make them look more rich
canvas textured paper with a slight creamish tint that adds a yellow hue to prints to make them look more rich

This texture is exactly the same as the white canvas paper prints except for the fact that it has a slightly creamy tint. The off-white base color of this textured paper, adds a slightly warm, yellow hue to the prints to make them look richer.

Leather Texture

As the name suggests, this texture closely mimics the surface of leather. Greeting cards and invitations printed on leather textured paper look absolutely fantastic.

Linen Texture

This texture closely resembles fabric. It has got a faint weave pattern and is my personal favorite. Linen textured paper is a great choice as well when it comes to reproducing paintings.

Rekha Texture

The word ‘Rekha’ stands for lines, in Hindi. As such, the texture on this paper is made of vertical lines running parallel to each other.

Rekha texture is considered slightly more sober than its counterparts. Clients prefer to print high-end business documents like brochures and visiting cards on this textured paper.

Buff Rekha Texture

Digital color print on a cream shaded paper having a texture in the form of straight lines
Digital color print on a cream shaded paper having a texture in the form of straight lines

This texture is a creamy, off white version of the white Rekha texture listed above. A light cream base paper adds a natural hue to the print, gives it a little bit of warmth, and is really easy on the eyes.

Stucco Texture

This texture closely mimics the rough stucco finish of a wall. There is no pattern to the texture and the distance between the pits on the stucco finish is random.

This paper too is a great choice when it comes to creating premium business brochures and stationery.

Cloud Texture / Hammer Texture

The sheet of paper here has a cloudy finish. It is also known as ‘Hammer’ texture because the depressions on the surface look like they have been created by a metal sphere hammered on to the same.

While small text cannot be easily read on the cloud textured paper, large images look great on the same.

Brick Texture

This paper has a brick wall like texture. Images with fine text get reproduced well on this option. Some architects also prefer this texture to reproduce their drawings wherein they manually pencil in their edits on the printed sheet.

Kraft Paper

Paper is made of wood pulp. And this pulp is further bleached with chlorine to give the paper its white color.

Kraft is the unbleached eco-friendly version of industrial writing printing papers.

This naturally brown paper is the ideal choice of people looking for an eco-friendly option for their jobs. Kraft paper prints are also used widely for packaging applications.

The brown-colored grocer’s bag and courier envelopes are all made of kraft paper. Black colored text and images look great on this paper. While you cannot technically call this paper textured, kraft paper does have a slightly rough finish.

Gold finish paper

This paper has a slightly golden metallic tint. Golden metallic paper is a great choice for festive applications like greetings and invites. It is also widely used for printing awards and certificates.

Silver finish paper

This paper has a silverish tint. Silver metallic paper is used to reproduce images with steel or chrome finish tones. For example, a close up of a Swiss watch or a car with a lot of chromium ornamentation will look great when printed on silver paper. This paper, like its golden counterpart, is also great for greetings, invites, and certificates.

Prints on Sticker Papers Which Look Like Metallic Foils

Apart from textured papers and natural evolution paper, we also stock sticker papers having a metallic foil finish. These textured paper prints are primarily used for creating premium product labels.

Gold Foil Stickers

Premium looking stickers printed on a gold finish paper. Attractive metallic labels for Mr. Milk product cartons to draw buyer attention
Premium looking stickers printed on a gold finish paper. Attractive metallic labels for Mr. Milk product cartons to draw buyer attention

These sticker sheets are widely used for creating address labels for wedding invites. Text printed in red or black, on top of the golden paper looks absolutely fantastic.

Silver Foil Stickers

Silver metallic labels of the Bee Basket food company make for a very premium looking sticker
Silver metallic labels of the Bee Basket food company make for a very premium looking sticker

The chromium steel look of this paper is ideal for product labels. This metallic sticker is also used by many people to create machine plates. Machine specifications written in the bold black text stands out on this steel finish sticker.

How Do We Process Textured Paper Print Jobs?

At Orchid Digitals, we work with high-resolution digital colour presses. These presses primarily output printable textured paper jobs on sheets of paper, of size A3 or A3+ (12 inches X 18 inches). Most digital printing jobs (like brochures and leaflets) are processed on smooth, coated papers having a neutral white colour. The smooth surface and neutral base colour of the paper ensures high-resolution image reproduction with correct colours.

But textured fine art papers are anything but smooth. Some of these paper print textures also tend to have a slight off white / creamy tint. So it takes a printer with significant prowess to create high-quality images on uneven surfaces. And that is where our machines’ capabilities come into play.

Our Konica Minolta digital presses run on microscopic-sized polymeric toner particles. These particles literally melt into the pits and ‘holes’ of a textured surface. This ensures a smooth coat of ink on even the most deeply textured media. A combination of our high-end printer and premium grade textured papers can now result in some pretty stunning looking jobs.

An Important Disclaimer

Textured papers are notoriously difficult to capture in a photo shoot. We found that different lighting angles affect the way the various textures look, on screen. In addition to looks, textured papers also have a tactile feel that is difficult to reproduce on the internet.

So consider all the above images representational. And before processing your print job, do drop in at our office a source a few sample prints to check what the final prints look like. The same argument stands true for metallic paper prints as well.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Cost of Textured Paper Printing?

Prints on textured papers, the natural evolution paper, are charged per sheet of size 12 X 18 inches. These sheets are 250 gsm – 300 gsm thick. Hence they are ideal for creating invites, greetings, visiting cards and brochures. The sheets can also be printed on a single side or back to back.

Textured and Metallic Finish Papers
of size 12 X 18 inches
Cost for Single Side Print*Cost for Printing on Both Sides*
Canvas Texture₹ 40.00₹ 50.00
Leather Texture₹ 40.00₹ 50.00
Linen Texture₹ 40.00₹ 50.00
Rekha / Lined Texture₹ 40.00₹ 50.00
Buff / Off White Canvas Texture₹ 40.00₹ 50.00
Buff / Off White Rekha Texture₹ 40.00₹ 50.00
Rendezvous Texture₹ 40.00₹ 50.00
Stucco Texture₹ 40.00₹ 50.00
Cloud / Hammer Texture₹ 40.00₹ 50.00
Kraft Paper₹ 40.00₹ 50.00
Brick Texture₹ 40.00₹ 50.00
Gold Finish Paper₹ 40.00₹ 50.00
Silver Finish Paper₹ 40.00₹ 50.00
Golden Metallic Foil Sticker₹ 40.00
Silver Metallic Foil Sticker₹ 40.00

* Please Note:

  1. The rates quoted above attract 12% GST
  2. Prices mentioned above are per sheet. Finishings if required will be charged extra. For example, if you need to cut and crease a large print and convert it into smaller sized greeting cards. Do mail us your job specifications for pricing on the same.

Shipping and Delivery

  • Textured paper prints can be delivered anywhere in India.
  • Delivery charges are extra and will be communicated to you once we receive the exact delivery address.

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