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A cut out standee is a novel way to attract potential customers in modern retail stores and point of sale locations. As the name suggests, this display stand is fabricated in the shape of a cartoon, a celebrity or even a product. Eye ball attraction is the name of the game in retail stores. And a shape cut standee will surely gain more attention than ads and posters that are uniformly rectangular. Outdoor displays are mostly in the form of banners or posters stuck on a wall. So a life size sunboard cut out in the shape of a movie star, standing right in the middle of the super market aisle is a sure fire method to generate client interest.

cut out standee used as a selfie booth
face cut out stand for use in selfie booths
spartan shaped cut out standee for party
product shape standee to increase brand recall
standee in the shape of products
shape cut standees for parties and event

Cut out standee for photo-ops and selfie booths:

Shown above are pictures of a job done for Siemens India and Eureka Forbes. The clients needed these party stands with the faces cut out. The idea was for the employees to stand behind the shape cut displays and get their photographs taken. Put up a shape cut display stand of a rock star, in today’s age of digital narcissism and you’ll probably find teenagers posing for selfies with the same. And if the said rock star is your product’s brand ambassador, you have a cost effective marketing plan working for you. Marketing agencies are increasingly using selfie booths for events, parties and product promotion.

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cut out display used for selfie stands
stand in the shape of an animal made from foamsheet
images printed on sunboard cut in shape on a cnc router
contur cut cartoons for birthdays and parties

Cut out standee prices and material specification:

Shape cut stands are pretty cost effective. Moreover they are light weight and easy to transport. Portability is an important factor. Apart from transportation to remote locations, the shop / floor managers should have no difficulty in setting up the standees.

A cut out standee is typically made of an inkjet print mounted on a 3 mm or 5 mm sun board (very light sheet of plastic). At Orchid, we print out the image on photo vinyl on our Roland or Mimaki eco solvent printers. Laminating the print is an option offered to the customer if s/he wants to increase the life of the print. The print is then mounted on the sun board using our hydraulic XL Jet laminator. Given below are the price options of some standard sized cut out display stands…

Size of the foam sheet cut out stand5 mm cut out stand with lamination - 150/- psf3 mm cut out stand with lamination - 120/- psf5 mm cut out stand without lamination - 140/- psf3 mm cut out stand without lamination - 110/- psf
4 X 2 feet1200/-960/-1120/-880/-
6 X 3 feet2700/-2160/-2520/-1980/-
  • Rates are quoted per square foot as per prices mentioned in the top column
  • 18% GST on above prices, extra

How is the cut out standee given its shape?

Shape cut stands, as the name suggests are to be cut in the shape of the product or model. Hence people often ask us how the actual cutting takes place. Sunboard / foam sheet is a rigid piece of plastic. It needs to be strong, to be able to stand on its on its own weight. But the strength of the material makes it a challenge to cut it into shape. The Orchid Laser and Routing division has a heavy duty Guangdaly CNC router. Our router can cut acrylic, wood, mdf and aluminium composite panels in pretty much any shape or contour you want. So we now define an outline around the shape of the model / image. Once programmed, the router runs its drill bit on the defined path as shown in the video below

Back support for the cut out standee

Cut out standees are supported on the back side with a light metal fabrication or a fold able flap of sun board. This flap is very much like the flap stand on the back side of your table top photo frames. These flaps open perpendicular to the back of the display board, to make it, self-supporting. You can fold these flaps back to a flat position, once your event is over. This makes storage and transportation easier.

back support using sunbord flap for the cut out stand
back support to hold up the cut out

2 sided standees

We can also create a 2 sided cut out standee. Here the print is pasted on both sides of the panel. The sun board used will have to be more thick (to increase rigidity ) and in place of a flap stand on one side we use a base stand. Shown in the pictures below are two sided standees made for Devtech International‘s Singapore exhibition…

two sides printed display stand with base support
printed sunboard display stand with base support
self supporting sunboard standee
base for sunboard display stand
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