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Sunboard Prints

stack of thick sunboard prints with photo vinyl mounted on top to create wall posters

Sunboard / Foam Sheet Prints. Thick, Rigid Yet Light-weight.

Communicate with Style Using Smooth, Flat & Rigid Posters

    • Thick rigid and smooth poster prints
    • Light in weight, and on the pocket
    • Impressive photo quality prints on 3 mm and 5 mm thick PVC sheets
    • Perfect for displaying product images, model pics, charts, and photographs
    • Used for branding in malls, retail stores, offices, hospitals, restaurants, etc.
    • Shipping facility available in Pune
    • Stunning sunboard prints starting from ₹70 per sq. ft

Sunboard / Foam Sheet Prints. Thick, Rigid Yet Light-weight.

stack of thick sunboard prints with photo vinyl mounted on top to create wall posters

Communicate with Style Using Smooth, Flat & Rigid Posters

    • Thick rigid and smooth poster prints
    • Light in weight, and on the pocket
    • Impressive photo quality prints on 3 mm and 5 mm thick PVC sheets
    • Perfect for displaying product images, model pics, charts, and photographs
    • Used for branding in malls, retail stores, offices, hospitals, restaurants, etc.
    • Shipping facility available in Pune
    • Stunning sunboard prints starting from ₹70 per sq. ft.

Sunboard / Foam Sheet Prints - Detailed Description

Marketing, to a great extent, is about putting your best foot forward. No matter if it’s for your company, your brand, or your products, you ought to present an enticing picture.

And if you happen to work at / own a business that needs to present and showcase its product offerings – printed foam sheets (alternatively called sunboards and foam boards) is the answer you’re looking for.

How Does a Printed Foam Sheet Serve as an Effective Marketing Collateral?

  • They Look Terrific! The surface of the foam-sheet is smooth, coated, and has a very even finish. Once a high-resolution vinyl print is pasted onto them, the resulting product is beautiful and appealing to look at.
  • They Are Easy to Handle and Lightweight. Foam sheets are extremely lightweight. Even a large poster of 4 X 8 feet in size can easily be carried by one person.
  • They Are Easy to Install. They can be easily mounted/pasted onto walls for display, or simply passed from one hand to another. This convenience makes them rather easy to deploy and use.
  • They Are Easy to Maintain. Foam sheet prints can be laminated. This doesn’t allow dust and dirt to settle onto the print and ruin it. They are, therefore, easy to maintain and keep tidy. Just use a damp cloth to wipe the prints occasionally and they become as good as new.
sunboard printing to create great looking posters showing product pictures
rigid foamsheet printing used in the sign industry to create posters

Applications of Printed Foam Board

As seen above, foam board is an extremely versatile product. Its applications for marketing activities are only limited by your imagination. Here are some of its uses that we at Orchid Digitals see on a regular basis:

Rigid menu cards are much more premium and long lasting than the traditional paper menus. A print having some heft is going to look way richer than a regular paper menu. It also reflects well on the brand / restaurant. The lamination also keeps oil smudges and water damage at bay. Moreover, there is no question of the sunboard menu getting dog-eared like the paper printed menus.

We always recommend to those of our customers, holding their exhibition in Pune, to create their panels out of sunboard. This is because once the exhibition is over, they can bring back the prints to their offices and use them as wall posters. For out station exhibition venues, we have a more portable product here.

The larger than life pictures of models advertising clothes, perfumes, electronics, etc are all printed on sunboard. Walls in retail shops and commercial spaces are exclusively branded with these low-cost posters to create brand/product awareness.

In addition to branding, these sunboard poster panels also serve as a great idea for enhancing your office interior design.

Sunboards are pretty rigid. Fabricating standees out of them is fairly easy. They are also very economical. So, discarding them once the ad campaign ends, won’t really hurt your bottom line.

Sunboards can be used to create some pretty unique furniture concepts. People have been known to recreate pictures of their family on wardrobes and beds using this media.

Using laser-cutting and CNC routing, we can easily give foam board any shape you desire. Sunboards can now be cut into shapes of products, mascots, logos and life-sized models. Their non linear shape instantly grabs attention and is ideal for point of sale applications. They are also great for creating selfie booths at parties and events.

Pasting a loose sheet of printed paper on a wall looks extremely tacky. A flat and smooth sheet of printed sunboard adds a touch of class to your walls.

Moreover, since sunboard does not require any framing, the poster does not cost a lot either. 

instagram frame made out of sunboard having the center portion cut out and hand holds behind

Instagram frames

These are frames with hand holds on the back. They have a window in the center, where people can pose for pictures. Ideal product for events and parties.

do not disturb room door handle dangler made out of sunboard

Door hangers / danglers

Sunboard can be fabricated into a dangler to go on the room’s handle. Ideal to communicate messages such Do Not Disturb – used widely in hotels. Can be branded to the hotel’s needs.

How to Install Sunboard Prints on Walls?

For Installing on Walls

  • Since foam sheets are very lightweight, a 2 X 3-foot / 3 X 4-foot print can be pasted on your office wall using our strong industrial 2-sided tape
  • Alternatively, you can drill the boards directly into the wall
  • One nice way of installing sunboard posters is to use risers and mirror cap screws. A riser is a hollow steel cylinder that goes behind the print. Its function is to increase the gap between the sunboard and the wall and to give it a raised, 3D like effect.

A screw is drilled into the wall through both the sunboard print and the riser. The stud cap is a round metallic disk that neatly covers the screw head on the front of the print. The overall effect, once the poster is fixed, looks very premium.

This image shows mirror stud caps with risers

Use Foam Sheet Prints to Reduce Your Framing Cost

A lot of our first time customers come to us with the following intention:

  • Get paper or vinyl posters printed at our end
  • Frame the above at another frame shop (since we don’t do framing)

We offer sunboard prints to them as an alternative to the traditional wooden frames since we believe that the former is a better and more economical alternative to the latter. Foam sheet prints are a complete, standalone product. They can be directly drilled or pasted onto walls as mentioned in the previous paragraph. But some of our customers still prefer to get their prints framed, especially if the same needs to be installed in homes. 

In this case, our stand is that framing a sunboard print is way more economical than commissioning an entire frame complete with a glass top and wooden base. Here is why: 

Hence if you must frame our foam sheet print, you can save on the cost of the wooden base and the top sheet of glass. All you need to spring for, is the surrounding frame / chaukat.

Pizza Hut menu board at Koregaon park, Pune. Inkjet print on sunboard
sunboard poster print on wall
Inkjet sunboard print pasted on glass

Sunboard Options of Different Thicknesses

  • Sunboards are available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 2 – 18 mm. 
  • The digital printing industry typically supplies prints on sheets of 3 – 5 mm thickness.
  • In addition to the above, we at Orchid Digitals are also able to provide prints even on 10mm thick boards. These are extremely strong and have a very premium look.
    • We can also print on sunboards for thickness going all the way up to 25mm, on request.
    • While the most commonly used color is white, foam sheet is also available in a number of other colors.
sheets of sunboard are available in different thicknesses ranging like 3 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm and even 20 mm
ACP or aluminium composite panels are sheets of hard rubber sandwiched with aluminum foil. they can be printed upon to create very strong and long lasting signs.

ACP - Aluminum Composite Panel as an Alternative to Sunboards

Aluminum Composite Panels, also known as ACP sheets, are made out of aluminum foil laminated on a rubber core. They are extremely strong and widely used for building exteriors. Also, ACPs hold good against deterioration from rust and are generally weatherproof. While sunboards have a great finish, they are susceptible to cracks and breakage under strain. Products like Road Direction signs and Building Lobby Directories need to be fabricated out of a stronger material.

Orchid Digitals offers prints of ACP sheets as a very strong alternative to sunboard prints. Moreover, we can also provide reflective prints on ACP sheets, which is an ideal solution for road signages in low-light conditions (night-time and low-visibility in case of fog).

Pricing of Foam Sheet Prints

At Orchid Digitals, we provide prints on foam boards of 3mm thickness and 5mm thickness. And, you also have the option of getting the prints laminated.

Variant Rate (Per Sq. Ft.) *

Thickness: 3 mm
Rate (Per Sq. Ft.) *

Thickness: 5 mm
Print with lamination
₹ 90
₹ 120
Print without lamination
₹ 70
₹ 100

* Please Note:

  • Rates mentioned above attract 18% GST
  • The rates quoted above are per square foot. This means you first need to work out the total area of your job to arrive at the final cost. For example, let us assume that you require 2 sunboard prints of 3 mm thickness, without lamination. Further, these prints have a width of 3 feet and height of 2 feet. In this case, the total cost of the job is calculated as follows…

3 feet (width) X 2 feet (height) X 2 copies X ₹ 70.00 (cost of print without installation, as per the table above) =

₹ 840.00 (+ 18% GST)

Shipping and Delivery

  • Sunboard can be delivered anywhere delivered in Pune city and its suburbs.
  • Delivery charges are extra and will be communicated to you once we receive the delivery address.

Question: Does this product get shipped out of Pune City?
Answer: No. We are sorry. It does not.

Here are a couple of reasons for the same:

  • Hassle and Risk in Transportation: Sunboard is liable to break in transit. Also, these structures are pretty large and bulky. We need to hire a tempo to deliver them.
  • Feasibility of Transportation: These boards are a pretty low cost product. So, packing and shipping them over long distances means that our customers will end up paying more for the cost of delivery than the cost of the actual print. Therefore, if you are stationed out of Pune, it makes sense for you to source the print from your local printer. All you have to do is share / take a print of the above post, show your local printer the material specifications and commission a similar job from him.

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