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Easel standee as the name suggests creates an information or product image display stand, using an artist’s easel. One of the most common places you’ll see an easel stand is outside a hotel. Walk through any modern mall or high end shopping street and you’ll see these wooden stands holding up a sheet of printed sunboard. This sheet would display the menu of a hotel, along with alluring food shots.

These sales props are also used by stores to display information about special offers, discounts and newly arrived products. The menu or the sales offer, entice the customer walking by on the street outside. Hence they perform the important marketing function of subliminally urging him to come in and sample the wares…

easel standee with sunboard sign works as a storefront display
wooden easel standee to garner customer attention
painters stand holding printed fomasheet display signs

Components of an easel standee

An easel standee consists of two parts…

  • The wooden easel stand or base: This is an extremely lightweight structure usually made of wood. When not in use, the stand can be collapsed into an easily storable flat structure. The client opens the stand into a three legged tripod when s/he has to deploy the same. It takes less than a minute to do this. There is an extensible arm on the front of the easel stand which extends vertically up or down. You need to fix the sunboard in this arm and the holding base of the display standee
  • The printed sunboard / foamsheet: Sunboard is rigid sheet of plastic which can be printed upon. Click here for more details on the same. While the easel acts as a support structure, it is the printed sunboard that the customers are actually looking at. So make sure that your artwork shows the products / services in an extremely alluring way. The flat and rigid foam sheet is placed on the front of the easel.
portable easy to carry easel stand
easel standee with extensible back support to hold signboards of different sizes
wooden easel standee front view

Advantages of using an easel stand

  • An easel standee is extremely light weight. It can be carried in and out of the store on a daily basis at opening and closing times
  • It is cost effective. Prices for the same are shown in the table below
  • The standee is very easy to set up and a child can do it in less than a minute
  • The easel standee is very stable. It will not fall over as the wooden tripod structure is standing on the floor at three different points
  • The biggest advantage of the easel standee is that you can repeatedly change the communication therein. It can be used as a flip chart stand. So you could have one printed sunboard displaying the breakfast menu. Change that in the afternoon to show you happy hours offer. And finally put up a foamsheet in the evening to advertise the ‘chef recommends’ special. If you are having a lecture, you can have a number of slides in the form of prints on sunboard and keep changing these slides while you talk

Easel standee specifications and prices

We recommend that you use a 5 mm thick sunboard with a high resolution photo print and a top coat of protective matt lamination, for the easel stand. Lamination is optional as the print is resistant to rain and sunlight even without the same. We simply recommend it to increase the life of the print…

Easel Standee specification5mm thick sunboard + print + lamination3mm thick sunboard + print + lamination
Vertical (portrait) 3 X 2 feet size2200/-1800/-
Horizontal (landscape) 3 X 4 feet size2600/-2200/-

18% GST additional to the prices above


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