Vehicle Branding

Vehicle Prints

Vehicle prints to advertise on commercial automobiles. Vehicle branding helps display your company name and product images on cars, tempos, trucks, buses, etc.

An artist’s design for branding a bus with a vinyl wrap to show what the final vehicle branding will look like

Vehicle Prints

Vehicle Branding to Advertise Your Presence All Over the City

  • Personalize an anonymous commercial vehicle
  • Use its sides to display your company branding and product images
  • Send us your custom design and messages for printing
  • Variety of vehicle media including reflective vinyls available
  • Pasting and installation available in Pune
  • Vehicle prints starting from ₹ 90 per square foot

Vehicle Prints

An artist’s design for branding a bus with a vinyl wrap to show what the final vehicle branding will look like

Vehicle Branding to Advertise Your Presence All Over the City

  • Personalize an anonymous commercial vehicle 
  • Use its sides to display your company branding and product images
  • Send us your custom design and messages for printing
  • Variety of vehicle media including reflective vinyls available
  • Pasting and installation available in Pune
  • Vehicle prints starting from ₹ 90 per square foot

Vehicle Prints - Detailed Description

Ever wonder how, so many of the cars and buses on the roads today, display custom vehicle prints? In Pune, even the auto-rickshaw hoods bear advertising messages. Vehicle branding is actually not rocket science. An attractive vinyl car wrap is a function of a good digital printer and an imaginative design.

And Orchid Digitals, Pune is not just a good, but a great digital print bureau 🙂

Most commercial vehicles these days bear their company logos, tag lines and product images. Branding on cars is a popular route many companies take. Executives travelling in cars displaying their corporate colours are a familiar sight. Rideshare fleets, like Uber and Ola, have taken to pasting their logos on their cars/taxis as well.

Apart from cars, advertising on commercial vehicles (like Tata Ace and trucks) is carried out to prominently display the products of the companies leasing these vehicles. Even hospital ambulances carry custom prints and messages displaying emergency helplines. Apart from this, public utility vehicles like the municipal buses and auto-rickshaws eagerly sell ad space on their sides.

Printed advertisements on vehicles are an excellent way to display products and create brand identification. Moreover, vehicle advertising is economical and can retain your prospects’ attention in an unconventional manner.

Read on to see how you can personalise your commercial vehicles with custom designs and prints.

Side view of a Pune Darshan bus covered with printed vehicle graphics depicting scenes of historical monuments in Pune
Vehicle prints pasted on the side of a tourist bus showing clip arts of famous monuments in Pune
Colourful advertisement for a political candidate pasted on the side of a car using printed vehicle vinyl
Vehicle advertising of a political candidate on the hood of car using printed removable adhesive vinyl

Types of Vehicle Branding Media at Orchid Digitals

At Orchid Digitals, we print out your vehicle advertising & branding job on our Roland eco-solvent or Mimaki UV / ultraviolet, wide format printers.

  • Eco-Solvent Printers are known for their extremely high resolutions and vibrant colour outputs. These printed images are further laminated for protection from rain, sunlight, dust and scratches.


  • UV or Ultraviolet Ink Prints are also of a very high resolution. But in addition to this, UV inks are extremely rugged. They are known for their extreme resistance to the elements. Water, sunlight, and scratches seem to have hardly any effect on UV prints.

This makes prints made of ultraviolet inks, ideal for outdoor applications, especially for premium vehicle branding jobs. This is also suitable because when you’re advertising on a vehicle, UV inks ensure that your ad doesn’t fade away, blemish, and in turn, degrade the brand’s image in the eyes of the prospects.

Commercial vehicle branding on the uneven corrugated surface of a container truck using UV printed cast vinyl
The uneven corrugated side panel of a large container truck is branded using specialised printable vehicle vinyls
Rightways Co vehicle branding using UV printed reflective vinyl on ACP sheet bolted to the side of Tata Ace chota hathi

While we have a variety of wide-format printers and ink technologies to address different kinds of print jobs, vehicle branding also requires specialised vinyl media. Listed below are the types of vehicle vinyls available at our end…

1. Release Adhesive Vehicle Prints: Almost all of the vehicle printing jobs that get printed at our place are processed on release adhesive vehicle vinyls. This is an entry-level option which is eco-solvent printed and laminated for protection from the elements.

As the name suggests, these vinyls can be peeled off without damaging the paint on the vehicles. A lot of corporate companies do not own the vehicle fleet but rather lease them from transport agencies. In this case, the vehicle print needs to be peeled off before returning the same to the original owners. So, this solution works remarkably well for advertising on cars and commercial vehicles.

2. Permanent Adhesive Vehicle Vinyls: There is a special vinyl media called cast vinyl. This is a heat-sensitive film which is melted onto the vehicle body using a heat gun. Since cast vinyl print melts or fuses with the automobile paints, it will not easily come off. In fact, peeling it might even damage the paint job of the automobile.

Cast vinyls for vehicles are UV printed for extreme strength and used for jobs which have a more permanent application.

3. Reflective Vinyls for Night Visibility: Radium reflective stickers are another type of specialised media widely used for vehicle prints. Reflective vinyls are especially visible in low light conditions where they throw back the light emitted from other vehicles.

Pay close attention to the next ambulance that you see in the evening or at night. You’ll find that the letters spelling out ‘AMBULANCE’ reflect light at night time. Emergency service vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks and police jeeps need to be marked with radium reflective stickers by law. But even private vehicles use reflective stickers to make their logos and taglines stand out.

4. Glass Films for Vehicle Windows: Most of our customers do not get the windows of their vehicles covered with prints. It’s also forbidden by law in Pune Municipal Corporation. But for those of our customers who need to brand their side and rear windows, we have a printable ‘one-way vision’ glass film ideally suited for this purpose.

One way vision allows the passengers sitting inside the vehicle to see what’s happening on the outside. At the same time, people on the road (outside the vehicle) can only view the branding/images pasted on the glass. They cannot see what’s happening inside the vehicle. So one-way vision films act as a privacy panel and also provide an option to brand glass.

Here is a detailed post about one-way vision prints.

Front view of a tempo displaying MSeva company vehicle branding using printable air release media
Custom designed vehicle branding done on the side of a tempo traveller belonging to MSeva company

The Difference Between Vehicle Branding and Vehicle Wrapping

‘Vehicle branding’ and ‘vehicle wrapping’ are two terms that are used interchangeably. Both refer to pasting aftermarket prints on vehicles to personalise them and display commercial messages.

But, there is a connotational difference between these two terms, based on which areas of the vehicle get covered by our prints – 

  • Vehicle Wrapping is when every square inch of the vehicle gets covered by the print. The curved areas like the bumpers, rearview mirrors, slim areas like the window frames and pillars, etc. are all over pasted by printed vehicle vinyls. The end effect is such that you cannot differentiate the print from the automobile’s original paint. Formula 1 race cars are good examples of vehicle wraps. At Orchid Digitals, we do not provide vehicle wrapping services.


  • Vehicle Branding is what we specialize in, at Orchid Digitals. Here the vinyls cover the straight and smooth surfaces of the side panels and the slightly curved bonnet. But these vinyls crease on the highly curved and slotted areas like the radiator grille and front/back bumpers.

Commercial printing on vehicles like tempos and trucks generally happens on the large door panels under the windows or the steel body on the sides. This is because these are the largest open areas on the vehicle body and provide ample scope for pasting large images and product images. While our prints on commercial vehicles don’t cover curved shapes on the body, we manage to brand the corrugated side panels of large container trucks.

Before and after views of a large bus belonging to ZF company once vehicle branding and printing is executed on the same
Custom ZF company logo printed and pasted on the side of the bus to highly personalise an ordinary looking vehicle
custom designed print pasted on the back of a bus for commercial branding and advertising

Things to Take Care of While Designing Your Vehicle Printing Job

Conceptualization and design are perhaps the most difficult part of printing on automobiles. While creating the design, your artist needs to measure the dimensions of the vehicle accurately. S/he also needs to check that important design elements like logos, text, etc., do not get cut-out by protrusions like door handles, fuel caps or mirrors.

The sides of vehicles especially have a lot of breaks like the edges of doors and windows. The artist needs to create a design which flows as a cohesive whole, across these breaks.

Shown at the top of this page is an artist’s rendition of how a bus should be branded. Ms Falguni Gokhale of Design Directions created a unique identity for the Pune Darshan buses. Apart from being vibrant and beautiful, the design flows seamlessly along the side panels of the vehicle.

Shown below is another job executed for the car and bike magazine, ‘Overdrive’. In this case, the print job was not a simple rectangle. We had to cut the vinyl in a particular star shape and then paste the same on the car’s sides.

Mercedes Benz runs an annual event called ‘Star Struck’ to showcase their luxurious SUVs’ capabilities. You might have noticed the play of words; wherein star-struck also refers to the Mercedes logo. The event organizers at Overdrive tasked us with cutting the vinyl in the shape of a shooting star with the word ‘Star Struck’ overprinted on the same. The client highly appreciated the finished job.

At Orchid, we do not provide design support. The same has to come in from your end. If you are in need of designers to help you with your vehicle printing project, please click here for some good references.

car advertising on the side of Mercedes using printed vehicle shape cut and pasted on the side panel
Mercedes company branding and printing on a car racing over a muddy road
People standing around a Mercedes SUV whose sides have been branded with an advertisement for the star struck program

Special Media Enabling Smooth Pasting Used for Vehicle Graphics

Once the design is ready, we print the same on specialised vehicle vinyls having a very strong outdoor strength.  The print industry refers to this vehicle print media as ‘Bubble Free Air Release Vinyl.’ This product is specially adapted for outdoor applications and for pasting on the slightly curved and contoured surfaces of cars and buses.

While pasting vinyl on any smooth surface, applicants (or the guys who are doing the vinyl pasting) face a very common problem. Air bubbles get trapped between the adhesive side of the vinyl print and the surface of the vehicle. And the trapped bubbles look ungainly.

To get a smooth finish, applicators use a squeegee (a flat smoothing tool) to paste the vinyl. The bubble-free air release vinyl has a fine, nearly invisible mesh on the adhesive side. This mesh, as the name suggests allows the air to escape, at the time of pasting. This allows for a very smooth finish, even on the contoured and curved surfaces of motor vehicles.

steps for pasting custom printed vinyl on cars and automobiles

Printing on Municipal Buses and Rickshaws - Low Cost Solution for Short-Term Ad Campaigns

The bubble-free vinyl mentioned above is indicated for long-term and permanent projects. But many ad campaigns, especially the ones on municipal buses and rickshaws need a temporary and more cost-effective solution.

Here, the primary concern is one of economy, rather than print durability. Rather than print on a few self-owned automobiles, companies run short but intense ad campaigns across hundreds of rickshaw hoods and municipal bus panels.

Public transport companies that run fleets of buses, taxis and rickshaws lease out ad space for short periods like a month or two, for a nominal fee. They allow ad companies to paste commercial messages on the sides of their vehicles. These prints need not be of very high quality because they are meant for short-run ad campaigns. They are invariably replaced in a week or two, at most.

So, the cost is a more important factor in this use-case. For this application, Orchid offers extremely cost-effective short term use, solvent printed vinyls. For more details on short term municipal bus and rickshaw hood prints, please click here.

Personalised design and branding done on the side of an ambulance belonging to the Indospace Company
Side view of an ambulance of the Indospace company personalised by special UV printed vehicle wraps

How Much Does a Vehicle Print Cost?

At Orchid Digitals we get customers who source just the vehicle prints and do the pasting/installation themselves. These customers are generally auto accessories stores or garage owners.

We also cater to end-users wherein we provide end to end services including printing and print installation on the vehicles.

Moreover, we have multiple media options, based on visibility and adherence, to brand your vehicles. Please have a look at the chart below for prices of the same:

Price for Various Vehicle Branding Options


Release Adhesive 3M / Avery / Oro Brand vinyl

Permanent Adhesive Cast Vinyl melted/fused with the vehicle body

Radium reflective vinyls for visibility in low-light conditions

One-way vision mesh film for vehicle window branding

Prints can be removed without damaging base paint**
Prints cannot be removed and are more or less permanent
Prints can be removed without damaging base paint**
Prints are removable from glass surface
Printing inks
Eco solvent hi -res photo print + matt lamination
UV inks hi -res photo print print
UV inks hi -res photo print print
UV inks hi -res photo print print
Can be pasted on straight surfaces
Can be pasted on straight and mildly curved surfaces
Can be pasted on straight surfaces
Can be pasted on side and rear windows
Matt lamination protects the print form rain and sunlight
UV inks are extremely strong, weather proof and scratch resistant
Price per square foot *
₹ 90.00
₹ 150.00
₹ 120.00
₹ 90.00

Please note:

  • Above rates attract 18% GST
  • * Price does not include installation. If required, the same will be charged extra.
  • ** While the glue for removable adhesives can be peeled, there have been instances where the vehicle has been kept in the sun for years together. In this case, the plastic vinyl media itself melts and can become difficult to remove.
  • Designs as per the dimensions of the vehicle, to be provided by you.

Rate quoted is per square foot. To arrive at the final figure, you need to first calculate the area of your print job. For example, let us assume that you need a vehicle print of size 2 feet height and 3 feet in width. Further, let us suppose that the print needs to be visible at night. In this case, the cost of the vehicle print works out to:

2 feet X 3 feet X 120.00 (cost of reflective print as per table above)  = ₹ 720.00 (+ 18% GST)

Shipping and Delivery

  • Vehicle branding prints can be delivered anywhere in India in a roll form.
  • Delivery charges are extra. Please let us know the address where the material has to be couriered and we will get back to you with the same.
  • Printing and installation for our customers in Pune is also possible. Please leave your vehicle at our premises in Shaniwar Peth for a couple of days and we will do the needful.

Question: Does this product get installed on our vehicles out of Pune City?
Answer: No. We are sorry. We do not provide outstation installation services.

Here is the reason why –

  • Feasibility – We have inhouse pasting / fitting guys to install the prints on your automobiles. But vehicle vinyls are a pretty low cost product. So sending the fitters over long distances means that our customers will end up paying more for the cost of their transportation than the cost of the actual print.

Therefore, if you are stationed out of Pune, it makes sense for you to source the print from us over courier. You can then ask your local glazier / glass filming guy to help with the installation. If you are based in a metro, you can also reach out to your local printer. All you have to do is share / take a print of the above post, show your local printer the material specifications and commission a similar job from him.

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