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Kiss-Cut Stickers

Kiss-cut stickers to nail your small-size branding needs. Nonlinear die-cut stickers, UV printed, waterproof and scratch-resistant. Ideal for premium product branding

custom shape cut vinyl stickers digitally printed and cut on the edges with one of the labels being raised by a hand

High Quality, Waterproof, Kiss Cut Stickers in Any Shape You Want

Kiss-cut Stickers for Loud and Impressive Pocket-sized Branding

  • Print and cut stickers in just about any shape you can imagine
  • Ideal for branding, vehicle decals & premium labelling purposes
  • Weather-proof and scratch-proof UV print
  • Shipping available across India
  • Prices starting at ₹ 90/- per sq. ft. of vinyl stickers

High Quality, Waterproof, Kiss Cut Stickers in Any Shape You Want

custom shape cut vinyl stickers digitally printed and cut on the edges with one of the labels being raised by a hand

Kiss-cut Stickers for Loud and Impressive Pocket-sized Branding

  • Print and cut stickers in just about any shape you can imagine
  • Ideal for branding, vehicle decals & premium labelling purposes
  • Weather-proof and scratch-proof UV print
  • Shipping available across India
  • Prices starting at ₹ 90/- per sq. ft. of vinyl stickers

Print and Cut Stickers and Decals - Detailed description

Showcasing your brand and making its presence felt is a tedious and challenging task today. The markets have never been more saturated with branded and unbranded products, all selling the same thing.

And, in all this clutter, it’s vital for your brand to stand out and grab eye-balls.

In the sea of generic rectangular communications (posters, flyers, brochures), one way to stand out and instantly grab eye-balls is to communicate through non-linear shapes.

And this is where our shape-cut stickers come in.

These small marketing collaterals are also referred to as custom die-cut stickers, kiss-cut stickers, or print and cut stickers.

And although not as big as billboards, this simple yet highly effective solution really stands out to grab your client’s attention.

kiss cut stickers of three bees printed on vinyl media and plotter cut on their outline
die cut stickers using an inkjet printer and plotter help create a beautiful logo decal for floral creations company
Shape cut stickers of butterflies make for beautiful print and cut decals
kiss cut stickers of cartoon images on a decal sheet with a thumb raising one of the labels

The Limitation of Regular Cutting Methods for Rectangular Labels

For the longest time, stickers have been linear in shape. People get multiple stickers printed on a sheet. And these individual labels are then cut into boring squares and rectangles.

Photo slitting or guillotine cutting machines can easily cut along these straight edges. Straight edged cuts can also be performed at home using a simple blade cutter and a ruler.

But these traditional methods will not work for stickers having non-linear edges.

For example, how would you use a straight-edged slitter to cut a sticker in the shape of a Mickey Mouse cartoon?

One could theoretically use scissors to cut stickers in different shapes manually. But the hassle of printing a complex design and then manually cutting vast quantities of the same has been a deterrent for many.

After all, it’s tedious to trace the edges and then cut them to absolute perfection. Not to mention the issue of messing up the edges and ruining the entire sticker.

Enter Kiss Cutting Printers.

png file artwork for different print and cut stickers for the Trip-N-Me biking club with the die cut shapes outlined in pink

How are Custom Die-cut / Kiss-Cut Stickers Made?

Kiss-cut stickers are manufactured on a specialised machine which is both:

  1. A printing machine and,
  2. A cutting plotter.

Here is how the kiss-cutting process takes place.

You are all aware that you fire a file from the PC to the printer before the job is taken up for printing. But, when you work with shape cutting printers, you can also send across a pre-defined outline, in addition to the image that has to be printed.

So, for example, if you had to create a kiss-cut decal in the shape of a Mickey Mouse cartoon, you send across two separate files to the printer:

  1. The actual image of Mickey Mouse
  2. An outline in the shape of the above cartoon

Also, remember that our wide format printer also has a cutting blade integrated into it. So when a user fires a job on the machine, here is what happens.

Image Printing

The inkjet printer first prints out the image on a huge roll of vinyl. Inkjet vinyls are printable rolls of media having two layers.

  1. The top layer is the actual sticker media. It is specially coated to receive inks and this where the image is reproduced. This surface also has an adhesive back or glue on its lower side.
  2. The lower layer is the baseliner of the above sticker. This base is also referred to as the release media. It is a thick sheet of paper from which the above sticker is eventually peeled off, from.
image showing two different layers in a print and cut job


Once the image is printed, the blade, integrated into the machine, starts gliding along the outline, pre-defined in the job. As you all know, plotter blades can be programmed to move (and cut) in any non-linear direction you want them to.

So, as the blade glides over the sticker surface, its sharp point exerts only enough pressure to cut the vinyl roll’s top surface without touching the release media beneath.

In other words, the cutting blade is gently ‘kissing’ the surface of the vinyl roll to get the job done and generate stickers in just about any shape you desire.

In the print industry, these decals are also called ‘half-cut stickers’.

The term half-cut refers to the fact that only one-half of the media gets cut. Here, the top portion of the sticker is slit in the shape you want, while the lower release paper remains intact.

Half-cutting also makes peeling the label extremely easy. All you have to do is bend the media slightly, and the edge of the sticker pops up for you to take hold of.

We go into more details about how to prepare/design a file for kiss cutting, in this section here.

example of a logo sticker showing how kiss cut stickers first get printed with a contour or outline defined around the artwork edge and the plotter blade then half-cuts along this edge

Advantages of The Kiss-cutting Process

The most apparent advantage of the above process is that you can now generate stickers in any shape you can imagine. But apart from this, there are several other benefits as well.

There is No Wait-Time

Kiss cutting is an instantaneous process. Since the cutting blade is integrated into the printing machine, both the printing and cutting happen simultaneously.

A lot of our customers here in Pune give us their files, go out for a cup of chai, and come back in 30 minutes or so, to collect the finished job 🙂

It is Cost Effective

Non-liner stickers were traditionally die cut. In addition to being a multi-step, time-consuming process, die-cutting can also prove to be very expensive for smaller quantities. On the other hand, you can generate kiss-cut stickers for just a few rupees.

We discuss the die-cutting process in further detail in a subsequent section.

You Can Create Differently Shaped Stickers in the Same Job

The cutting job, as explained in the previous section, is defined in a separate outline file. And this file can carry as many different shapes as you want.

This means that you need not restrict yourself to just one type of sticker design. In fact, graphical artists club multiple designs all having different shapes in the same job, before commissioning the same from us.

custom die cut stickers are better at getting attention than a rectangular label as shown by this example of two product packaging boxes one having a shape cut sticker and another having a plain square shaped stickers

Benefits of Kiss-cut Stickers

Customisation That Gets You Noticed

Customisation is the talk of the town. To ditch the regular old shapes and go for a nonlinear shape/design is a great boon. Where the old and traditional looking stickers don’t succeed in grabbing eyeballs, these stickers allow you to go with any shape you want.

And this aspect is further supported by…


Our kiss-cut stickers are made from high-grade vinyl. This material is, to a large extent, impervious to the elements and vagaries of the weather. Come dust, water, sunlight, these stickers hold their fort rather ably, and continue to look stellar.

Scratch And Scuff-resistant

We’re one of the few providers in India of UV-printed stickers.

UV-inks are incredibly hardy and resistant to wear and tear. So, in addition to being waterproof, these UV inks make our stickers scratch-resistant as well.

And in case you are curious about the various types of inks used in the digital printing industry, we have a pretty exhaustive post about UV and other digital printing inks here.

Ease of Use

What makes customisation even sweeter is how easy it is to use these stickers.

Regular shapes stickers have been traditionally easy to use. However, the challenges of nonlinear designs get addressed as well. All you have to do is peel off the adhesive back and apply the sticker where you want to.

Serves as a Great Product Branding Tool

The above four points make the shape-cut sticker an impressive branding collateral. If a small size factor solution is what you’re looking for, our shape-cut decals do a great job.

You can stick them onto vehicles, boards, laptops, mobiles phones and covers, or other places of interest. And I assure you, these stickers will tell your story for a long long time.

Applications of Custom Cut Vinyl Stickers


Ditch the boring old, rectangular-shaped labels for your products. Packing labels make a lot of difference, especially for FMCG products. A good label can influence a buyer to pick up a product from the shelf and place it in his cart.

These sticker solutions can help make your existing labels better and more noticeable. Have a discount or extra quantity you want to flaunt? Just stick one of these!

Product Branding

Custom cut decals are a great branding solution for products. As they make your products look more desirable. And, after all, what gets noticed more, sells.

Merchandising & Company Logo Highlighting

Are you looking to give away your company’s logo or a quirky design as stickers? Custom decals can be printed in the shape of your logo or a design with a clever tagline. This also has great retention value in the customers’ mind.

Women's Day merchandising stickers distributed by the Royal Enfield company

Parking stickers

If your residential/commercial space requires custom parking stickers that mark vehicles impressively, kiss-cut stickers are an ideal solution. With weather-proofing and custom designs, these stickers will make the residents’/members’ lives easier.

circular artwork of vehicle parking stickers for cars and bikes

Types of Print and Cut Stickers | Media options

Shape-cut stickers are available on different media to achieve different kinds of results and end applications. The media options are:

Opaque White Vinyl Die-cut Stickers

This is the basic option available. Quite the vanilla choice and works well in most scenarios and use-cases. White vinyl stickers are the most commonly preferred media for most kiss-cutting jobs.

Transparent Vinyl Stickers

As the name suggests, these stickers get printed on a transparent film. Obviously, they are used widely on glass surfaces.

The benefit of transparent stickers is that only the print matter is immediately noticeable. The surface of the product beneath shows through the non-image area. Transparent kiss-cut stickers are widely used to label glass bottles.

Reflective Vinyl Shape Cut Stickers

Reflective media is an excellent option when you want your stickers to shine brightly in low-light conditions.

The material used here is a light-reflecting radium film. And this film is widely used in signboards on highways. You may have noticed the road direction boards that light up at night when your car lights fall on them.

Reflective stickers are also ideal for pasting on cars, bikes and even your helmet.

reflective vinyl prints which shine brightly at night

File Formats Required for a Print And Cut Sticker

You can use any type of .jpg .png or other image file formats for making shape cut vinyl stickers.

But the cutting outline has to be separately defined as a vector.

You can define outlines or contours for kiss-cut stickers in vector-based design software like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Click here to learn how to define edges/shapes in Corel Draw.

As explained in the previous section, the machine senses this contour and runs the cutting blade along the same.

It also makes sense to have a slight white edge or space between the image and the outline that the machine will cut. This space highlights the matter within and also serves to increase the life of the sticker significantly.

png file artwork for different print and cut stickers for the Trip-N-Me biking club with the die cut shapes outlined in pink

Follow These Steps to Prepare your File For The Kiss-cutting Process

Step 1: Create the print/image file as one layer in your design software

Step 1 to create a raised effect kiss cut sticker is to create the actual image file in either bitmap or raster format

This is the actual image that has to be printed. It can be in any format, either vector or raster. Place this image in a layer or even on a separate page in your design file.

Step 2: Create the print/image file as one layer in your design software

Step 2 in creating a kiss-cut sticker is to define the edges of the sticker that will be shape cut on the machine

Define the outline/edge of the sticker. This is where the machine will run its blade over, to kiss-cut the sticker in whatever shape you desire.

This outline has to be in a vector format.

Step 3: Superimpose the cutline over your original image

Step 3 in creating a kiss-cut sticker is to superimpose the image over the cut outline to ensure that the two layers align with each other

Superimpose all the elements to check if they align with each other.

Correct registration of all the layers will result in a more finished job with better quality.

Variants to Die-cut Stickers

While shape-cut stickers are themselves great options for branding, you can turn them into even more impressive variants:

Embossed/Raised effect/3D Stickers

embossed, raised effect stickers, kiss cut in the shape of brand logos
UV printed shape cut stickers having a dome like raised 3D effect

At Orchid Digitals, we can provide a very premium looking, embossed, raised effect sticker. This sticker has a vibrant and tactile feel that will instantly boost the value of the product it is placed on.

Raised effect stickers are great for branding white goods and costly gift items. They work great for creating logo decals and brand merchandising as well.

Dome Stickers

blue circular domed stickers having a raised effect make for premium quality logo stickers
Close up of dome decals

Dome stickers are an impressive 3D variant that looks a class apart.

These stickers have a clear and shiny, dome-shaped top surface. An epoxy resin/polyurethane solution is used to create the dome on top of the kiss-cut sticker.

Dome stickers look great, feel great, and take the visual appeal of logo stickers a notch up.

The Traditional Die Cutting Process

The modern kiss-cutting process has largely replaced die-cutting methods of the past, especially for short-order jobs. But the traditional die-cutting way does work out to be economical for larger print runs. So, it makes sense to make a mention of the same here.

Let’s take a quick look at what the traditional die-cutting and stamping process involves.

In our earlier example, we talked about creating a Mickey Mouse shaped sticker. To die-cut the same, we have to follow the following three steps:

  1. Step 1: You print a large sticker sheet containing multiple copies of the image.
  2. Step 2: Next, you have to get a metal die/stamp manufactured. This metallic stamp has sharp blades fabricated in the shape of our final sticker boundary.
  3. Step 3: Finally, the die is punched with a lot of pressure onto the pre-printed stickers sheets. When pressed on the sticker paper, the blades neatly cut the same, in the desired shape.
metallic die meaant for punching out flower shaped pieces of paper for a craft project

The best analogy of this process would be the hole punching machine we use in offices to file sheets of papers in file-folders. Here the die is in the form of circle-shaped blades fitted in the punch. And when pressed with adequate pressure, these blades cut out precisely shaped circles in our sheets of paper.

Also, you may have realised that fabricating a separately shaped metallic die for each of your designs can be a costly affair. Die-cutting is also time-consuming because of the multiple steps listed above.

But the one advantage of this method is that it works out cheaper for manufacturing more significant quantities of stickers.

So, if you have a large sticker job (numbering in thousands of copies) of the same shape & size, do get in touch with us to work out the feasibility of die-cutting the same.

How Much Do Print and Cut Stickers Cost?

Custom die-cut stickers are available in 3 different media options. Given below are the prices per square foot, of printing the same.

To make things easier to understand, we have also given an example of a 2 X 2-inch sized sticker and the per piece price of the same.


Variants and sizes White opaque vinyl stickers Transparent vinyl stickers Reflective vinyl stickers Raised effect / embossed stickers

Rate (per Sq. ft.)

₹ 90*
₹ 90*
₹ 110*
₹ 150*
Cost per sticker (assuming a 2 inch x 2 inch sticker design)
₹ 2.9
₹ 2.9
₹ 3.6
₹ 5.0

Vinyl stickers are charged on a per square foot basis. You need to reverse the cost per piece based on the number of stickers fitting in one square foot.

For example, the per sq. ft. of print and cut stickers on white vinyl is Rs.90/-. Let us assume that you have a 2 inch X 2-inch sticker. Thirty-six stickers of this dimension will fit in a square foot. So the cost per piece is 90 / 36. This works out to approximately rupees 2.90 per piece.

per piece cost of shape cut stickers

* Please Note: 18% GST is applicable on the above rates

Shipping and Delivery

  • Shape cut stickers can be delivered anywhere in India.
  • Delivery charges are extra and will be communicated to you once we receive the delivery address.

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