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Cloth Banners

Digital inkjet printing on cloth material. Create advertising banners & posters. Light-weight & eco-friendly alternative to printing on plastic.

colourful flags and banners printed on cloth material spread out on a flat surface

Cloth Printing of Lightweight and Eco-friendly Banners

Save the Planet, One Cloth Banner at a Time.

  • Cloth as an alternative to advertising on plastic media
  • Low-cost, hi-resolution, and extremely light-weight media
  • Can be rolled and even folded
  • No need to bring in your media – print your banners on our stock
  • Choose from – coarse cotton, smooth silky, and mesh fabric
  • Inkjet and UV printing options available
  • Front-lit, Back-lit, and See-through mesh fabric available
  • Cloth Banner Prints starting from ₹70 per sq. ft

Cloth Printing of Lightweight and Eco-friendly Banners

colourful flags and banners printed on cloth material spread out on a flat surface

Save the Planet, One Cloth Banner at a Time.

  • Cloth as an alternative to advertising on plastic media
  • Low-cost, hi-resolution, and extremely light-weight media
  • Can be rolled and even folded
  • No need to bring in your media – print your banners on our stock
  • Choose from – coarse cotton, smooth silky, and mesh fabric
  • Inkjet and UV printing options available
  • Front-lit, Back-lit, and See-through mesh fabric available
  • Cloth Banner Prints starting at ₹ 70 per square foot

Cloth Banners - Detailed Description

Banners to announce your presence at an event, exhibition, symposium or even a party is something that every marketing agency will require on a periodic basis. Historically, these banners have always been printed on a flex or vinyl banner. But off late, an increasing number of our customers are becoming ecologically conscious of the harm plastic does to the environment. And these customers demand cloth banners instead of prints on plastic. At Orchid Digitals we offer eco-friendly cloth banners as an alternative to plastic prints having the following benefits…

  1. Banners printed on cloth are economical
  2. You can print images at very high resolutions on this media
  3. Fabric prints are an eco friendly option to flex and vinyl banners.

Disclaimer: This post is about commercial banners and posters that can be printed on cloth. We do not provide prints on garments or wearable fabrics.

Digital Cloth Printing - Overcoming the Limitations of Hand Painted / Screen Printed Jobs.

Cloth banners used to be hand painted or screen printed in the past. But you could not mass produce hand painted banners. Nor can you reproduce high-quality photo prints by hand. On the other hand, screen printing techniques cannot be used for producing one-off jobs or small quantities. Moreover, both these printing techniques are time consuming and expensive. Thankfully, with the advent of digital printing technology, all these shortcomings can now be overcome.

At Orchid Digitals we have a solution to the problems prevalent in the screen printing industry. Our UV / ultraviolet and eco solvent inkjet printers can print directly on a variety of cloth material. And this technology gives us the following advantages.

  1. High Resolution: Our wide format inkjet printers can very easily reproduce extremely high resolution images at large sizes. The photographs and commercial messages on your cloth banner prints come out looking extremely vibrant and professionally finished.
  2. Can Print Single Copies: Digital printing enables personalisation of the printed output. Unlike the offset and screen printing industry our greatest strength lies in the fact that we can output small quantities. So, even if you need just one copy of a small cloth banner of size 3 feet X 2 feet, we can cater to the same.
  3. Instantaneous: Cloth printing jobs at our office are more or less instantaneous. There is no pre-press preparation needed. All we have to do is load the roll of cloth on our inkjet printers, hit the ‘print’ button and wait for the finished product to roll out of the machine.
  4. Low Cost: Our cloth prints are pretty economical and will not make any dent in your marketing budget. You can check the costs of the same in our pricing section here.
  5. Eco-Friendly Banner Option: Our product is essentially a cloth banner printed on a polyester and cotton mix material. The inkjet inks used for reproducing the images are also ROHS compliant. This makes the product a preferred choice for a lot of our environmentally conscious customers.
  6. Lightweight: One big benefit of prints on cloth is that they weigh next to nothing. Even large ten feet sized cloth banner prints can be rolled and carried under your arm. Some of our customers even fold these cloth prints and take them away.
colourful artworks inkjet printed on fabric rolls curved and stacked one on top of another
printed mesh fabric is ideal for creating two sided flags where the print on one side gets reproduced on the reverse

What Are the Applications of Cloth Banner Prints?

At Orchid Digitals we cater to customers from a large cross section of society. And these people use our fabric prints for a variety of applications.

  1. Banners: Advertisers and event managers need large sized fabric banners for conferences, events, symposiums, etc. among other solutions for the same.
  2. Scientific Posters & Charts: Final year students undertake projects as a part of their curriculum. Their findings are then presented on charts / posters printed on cloth.
  3. Exhibition Posters: Posters used for exhibitions and conferences typically need to be carried over long distances. Moreover, exhibition posters are instrumental in converting prospective clients. Hence they also need to be of a very high quality. Fabric prints ideally fulfill both these prerequisites of portability and quality.
  4. Backlit Light Boxes: High-end malls and shopping complexes have thin aluminum lighboxes embedded with LEDs. Product images and commercial ads are printed on cloth which is tightly stretched on top of the light box to create a premium display panel.
table runner printed with a company logo of the national geographic channel draped on a conference table
3 high resolution print ready artworks for exhibition poster presentation of Solidcam company
Cloth material in a roll form can be used for printing a science exhibition poster

The Types of Cloth Material That Can Be Digitally Printed

At Orchid Digitals stock mainly three types of cloth media for printing out your jobs. Please note, we do not accept third-party media or bales of fabric brought in by customers. This is because only certain types of cloth materials are compatible with our inkjet printing machines. The three main types that our customers can choose from are…

  1. Coarse Cotton Cloth Material: As the name suggests, this material has a slightly rough feel. But it is ideal for printing banners, posters, charts, etc. Most of our customers get their jobs printed on this entry level option.

  2. Smooth, Slightly Silky, Cotton MIX Polyester Fabric: Our premium variant for cloth printing consists of material which is smooth and has a slight silky feel. Images printed on this material have significantly vibrant colors. So if your artwork contains a lot of high resolution images, you might want to opt for this material. This material, known in the industry as ‘Senfa’ backlit fabric is also used for manufacturing printed lightboxes mentioned in the paragraph above. This is because images printed on Senfa cloth really jump out when lit from behind.

  3. Mesh Fabric: Mesh cloth material has small holes throughout, very much like a net. The unique feature of this material is that when you print on one surface of mesh fabric, the image also shows up on the reverse side. This property then becomes very handy when you need to print out flags. You print the flag image on one side and the same gets automatically reproduced on the reverse. There is no longer any need to print two copies and get them stitched together to create a two sided flag.

    This helps in both, reducing the weight and keeping the costs down, of the finished job. Prints on mesh cloth is also used for interior decor in offices and restaurants. People use this material for custom printed wall hangings and virtual cabin partitions.

Mesh fabric is a thin and netted. You can see through the print onto the other side. Here you can see a person standing behind the cloth print.
eco-friendly posters made out of inkjet printed cloth material

Other Applications of Commercial Printing on Cloth

While this post talks about general commercial printing on cloth, here are two specialised applications that we provide at Orchid Digitals, using the same.

  1. Flag Printing: Flags bearing company logos, flags for sports teams and mascots, events, etc. are a hot selling product at Orchid Digitals. We provide both single sided and two sided flags depending upon your end application. We also have a video showing examples of both of these types of prints on regular cloth and mesh fabric. Please click here to know more about this service. materials below. all the various materials.
  2. LED Light Boxes: Premium LED lightboxes are made of polished aluminium frames with ‘Senfa’ backlit fabric tightly stretched on top. Images printed on this material have an eye popping quality. And the back glow of the LEDs embedded in the box give an added punch to the print on the front. The end-effect is very much like that of a photo displayed on a HD TV as can be seen from the images below.
flag print on satin cloth
UV printed senfa fabric lit from behind with LEDs set in a fabric light box

What’s the Cost of Printing Cloth Banner Prints?

Given below are the prices of the various types of printable cloth material available at Orchid Digitals

Type of Flex Print Applications Cost Per Square Foot *
Regular coarse cotton cloth
Flags, posters, banners
₹ 70.00
Smooth and slightly silky cloth
Flags, posters, banners, backlit light boxes
₹ 90.00
Mesh fabric with small holes in it
Two sided flags, feather flags, virtual partitions in showroom, wall hangings, etc.
₹ 150.00

* Please Note:

  • Rates mentioned above attract 12% GST
  • Rates do not include installation
  • Rates are quoted per square foot. This means you first need to work out the total area of your job to arrive at the final cost. For example, let us assume that you require a smooth silky cloth print having width of 3 feet and height of 2 feet.
    In this case, the total cost of the job is calculated as follows…

3 feet (width) X 2 feet (height) X ₹ 90.00 (cost of print without installation, as per the table above) =

₹ 540.00 (+ 12% GST)

Shipping and Delivery

  • Order your cloth banners from the comfort of your home. No need to worry about ‘printers providing cloth banner printing near me’ – orders placed on Orchid Digitals can be couriered to you.
  • Cloth banners prints can be delivered anywhere in India in a roll form.
  • Delivery charges are extra and will be communicated to you once we receive the delivery address.

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