Table Tent Cards

Your message – At the centre of the table and at the centre of attraction

  • Low-cost marketing communication
  • 2-sided laminated tent card A5 sized colour digital print
  • Stand at the base for easy installation
  • Acrylic variant for more permanent applications
  • Extensively used in restaurants & for dining events
  • Tent cards prints starting from ₹25 per piece


Tent Cards – Detailed Description

Tent cards, as the name suggests are prints shaped like tents, strategically placed on tables, desks, counters, etc. to catch the customer’s eye. These low-cost cards have a one-point agenda – to grab customer attention.

As a marketing & promotion tool, tent cards are primarily designed to highlight a product, service, discount offer, or even a disclaimer.

A tent card’s primary application is to highlight a message right in front of a client’s face. And when placed on these desks or tables, the customer inevitably glances at the cards while they are waiting. So keeping these cards as menu stands for tables can up the chances of a customer ordering what special item you place on it.

Walk into any upscale restaurant and you’ll probably see a tent card for a restaurant printed on both sides, standing by itself in the middle of the table. Restaurant table tents are very popular amongst all kinds of eating establishments.

This tent card can be a menu stand for tables. The the cards are also generally used to list chef specials, offers like free Wi-Fi, or to highlight the low prices during designated happy hours.

These printable tent cards stand at a slight angle to facilitate easy reading. They have a distinct tent-like shape with a flat stand beneath, like a tri-fold table tent. The flat base enables us to prop tent cards on tables, desks, and sales counters.

Depending on your requirement, there are different variants & sizes available, such as A5 tent cards, triangular and even pyramidal restaurant table tents, etc.

three table tent cards printed for hotels and restaurants
table tent card printing for hotels and restaurants

Applications of Table Tent Cards

Tent cards are fabricated out of thick card sheets with the marketing communication printed on top. And this makes them extremely economical and disposable. Due to their low cost, printable tents cards are used at a variety of locations and for a number of applications, some of which are listed below…

  1. Tent cards are placed on dining tables at weddings to highlight the names of the marrying couple and their families. Similarly, table top easel stands are used at conferences to show the company logo.
  2. Table tent 4-sided pyramids are also used at events like receptions and parties to show seating arrangements.
  3. Sale counters to use custom table tents to showcase discount schemes or highlight disclaimers.
  4. Cash counters have tabletop sign holders bearing a PayTM QR code or a VISA / Mastercard logo. This shows the merchant’s ability to accept digital forms of payments.
  5. As mentioned earlier, printable tent cards for restaurants are used to entice customers to a particular dessert option or a special dish recommended by the chef. An enticing food photograph and striking description of the culinary dish helps the customer quickly make up his mind. They also have table menu holders.
how to design and produce a tent card
how to design and produce a tent card

Table Display Stand Design and Material Specifications

Tent cards, when viewed from the side, are shaped like a tent. Basically, we take a long and rigid card sheet and fold it horizontally in the centre. The artwork is digitally printed on both sides of the fold. The base is created by folding one end of the card at 90 degrees. This fold is glued on to the other vertical section.

This flat base enables the customer to prop the tent stand on horizontal surfaces like desks and tables. Since there are multiple creases involved in the fabrication of a table tents printing, we laminate the sheet to ensure that no paper cracks develop along the folds. Lamination also enhances the look and life of the print. The flat stand at the bottom of the tent card can be folded within itself when not in use. Thus table display stands can be shipped in a fully flat condition.

The standard dimensions for tent cards printed at Orchid Digitals are 5 inches wide X 7 inches tall. All you need to do is to give us two designs in these sizes. We then place these designs on the two sides of the table menu stand. Alternatively, the same design/content can be reproduced on both sides.

table display stand made of acrylic showing a QR code to enable payments

Acrylic Table Stands – An Alternative to Tent Cards Made of Paper

While the tent cards described above are made of paper, Orchid Digitals can also provide rigid acrylic table stands or table stands made of sun board. Sunboard and acrylic stands for tables are significantly more premium-looking than tent cards made of thick paper.

These are thick, rigid, and long-lasting. The RuPay and PayTM acrylic stand that you see on cash counters are the best examples of this product.

Stationery stores sell blank acrylic stands for tables. You have to slide in your printed communication in this. But at Orchid Digitals, the entire stand is digitally printed with your artwork. This looks much more premium than third party solutions and also costs less than the same.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Cost of Digitally Printed Tent Cards & Table Stands?

2-sided paper tent cards

2500.00/ 100 copies*

Low-cost disposable tabletop tent cards for parties, events and “Chef Recommendations’ or happy hours offer in restautants

  • High resolution digital colour print
  • on 250gsm thick card
  • 5 inches wide X 7 inches high
  • Tent fabricated with images on both sides and a base for placing on the table
  • Print is laminated
  • Lamination gives the print a premium look and feel
  • Lamination increases the life of the product by making it water, scratch, oil, and stain resistant
  • Two-sided tape on the base for pasting on the tabletop
  • Ideal for giving your marketing efforts a big boost.
  • Will showcase your food images and menu offerings and ‘Chef Recommendations’ in a classy manner

Example Costing:
₹1440.00 for a print of 4 feet width X 3 feet height*

tabletop stand

6000.00/ 100 copies*

Single sided QR Code Display / Payment Gateway Display stand for mounting on retail counters

  • High resolution digital colour print
  • mounted on acrylic display stand
  • image is 5 inches wide X 7 inches high
  • Robust and strong acrylic stand can be placed on table tops or retail counters
  • Will not easily break and ideal for long term deployment
  • Print is laminated
  • Lamination gives the print a premium look and feel
  • Lamination increases the life of the product by making it water, scratch, oil, and stain resistant
  • Ideal for showcasing special offers, sales, discounts, etc.
  • Also ideal for displaying your QR Code or payment gateway details for accepting client payments

Example Costing:
₹2640.00 for a print of 4 feet width X 3 feet height*

* Please Note:

  1. The rates quoted above attract 12% GST
  2. Since tent cards and rigid table display stands need significant processing, we cannot print very small quantities of the same. MOQs for both categories have been mentioned in the table above.

Shipping and Delivery

  • Tent cards and table stands can be delivered anywhere in India.
  • Delivery charges are extra and will be communicated to you once we receive the exact delivery address.

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