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A sunboard standee is a cost effective way to advertise your products or services in a public location. It is extensively used by retailers near their POP (point of purchase) displays. The display, also referred to as a foam sheet stand is thick and rigid. But the same time it is extremely light weight and portable. Imagine any of the following scenarios…

  • There is a lecture taking place in a hotel
  • A film is being screened at an auditorium
  • Product information has to be showcased the entrance of a supermarket
  • You need to impart information about medical services while people wait in the OPD section of a hospital

In all of these above situations, you need a free standing structure that can advertise your products or services in an eye catching or alluring way

rigid PVC sheet display stand
fold able flap stands on the back of foam sheet standee for support
foam sheet stands of size 3 X 4
sunboard standee with laminated photo vinyl on top

Sunboard Standee printing at Orchid

Sunboard, also known as foam sheet is a thin, light weight and flat sheet of plastic. It is mainly used for the manufacture of signs and displays. It is rigid and can be printed upon. Once printed, what you have in hand is a very smooth surfaced, even and rigid poster. Add a support on the back and you end up with a beautiful high resolution sunboard standee or information display stand.

We print your artwork on our high resolution eco solvent vinyl printers. Our Roland and Mimaki machine gives stunning image quality. We recommend that the prints be laminated to save from scratches and scuffing. A top coat of lamination obviously increases the life of the print. But even without the same, our prints remain resistant to rain and sunlight.

Sunboard standees are extremely cost effective

The size of the standee, the thickness of the foamsheet used, and presence of print lamination affects the final price. We can fabricate your stand out a sheet of 3mm or 5 mm thickness. The thicker you go, the more rigid and stronger your stand becomes. As mentioned earlier, you may or may not decide to laminate on top. Given below are cost options for some standard sized sunboard stands with fold-able support flaps on the back.

Size of the foam sheet display stand5 mm sunboard stand with lamination - 130/- psf3 mm sunboard stand with lamination - 110/- psf5 mm sunboard stand without lamination - 110/- psf3 mm sunboard stand without lamination - 90/- psf
4 X 2 feet1040/-880/-880/-720/-
5 X 2.5 feet1300/-1100/-1100/-900/-
6 X 3 feet2340/-1980/-1980/-1620/-
6 X 4 feet3120/-2640/-2640/-2160/-

GST 18% extra on the above prices

6 X 3 feet stand made of foam sheet
print mounted on metal stand
fold able printed metal display stand
sunboard stand with gloss finish

Foam sheet stands are self supporting:

Once you carry the stand to the remote locations, all you need to do open the structure on the back of the sunboard to make the standee stand by itself. We have the following two options to make the standees self supporting…

  • We paste flaps cut out of sunboard on the back of the display sheet. This reduces costs and weight. When not in use, these flaps fold into themselves and the whole structure becomes flat and easy to carry
  • Alternatively, we can fabricate a metal frame behind the display board. This frame adds weight and strength to the structure. The metal frame is also fold able and the whole structure can be transported to remote locations. Obviously, the cost for these stands will be a little higher.
Sunboard display mounted on a metal stand
Fabricated metal stand with sunboard print on the front
Sunboard display stand with fabricated metal support on the backside

2 sided display stand

One alternate way to fabricate a stand is to make it 2 sided. In this case the print is mounted on both the sides of metal structure. The structure is in the shape of the letter ‘A’ when opened up. This makes the stand very stable and it will not easily topple. The obvious benefits of this stand are…

  • Ideal for placing in an aisle or footpath where people are walking up and down
  • Doubles the visibility of the information to be displayed. The same or different message can be reproduced on both the front and the back
  • The frame adds weight and strength to the structure.
  • The frame can also be folded to a more manageable flat packing piece
2 sided display standee
two side sunboard display stand
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