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Need to print out just 10 flags for your biker gang? Need your favorite sports team’s logo printed on a piece of cloth? Or perhaps you want a research poster that can be folded in your suitcase. Orchid Digitals, Pune now offers flag printing on satin cloth you meet all the above requirements. Walk into our shop with a full color artwork, be it a logo, a science poster or a high resolution photo… and we’ll digitally print it out on thin fabric, for you.

eco solvent printing on cloth
fabric printing on rolls of cloth
thin satin fabric print
custom flag printing on digital machines

Applications for printed satin flag

Flags have traditionally been screen printed. But screen printing is not a viable option for generating small quantities. Nor will it work if you need to reproduce half tones or images. Digital printing on fabric or cloth is a relatively new process which addresses the above shortcomings. Also, the whole process is instantaneous.

There are a variety of occasions where you might require cloth printing…

  • Printing of the Indian national flag or flags of different countries
  • Custom printed flags bearing logos or images of mascots, for sports competitions
  • Flag offs for sports events like races and marathons
  • Advertising flags or company logos hoisted on flag poles on the top of buildings
digital printing of flags using eco solvent printer
front view of inkjet printed flags on thin cloth material
Flags printed on satin cloth
Side pocket for inserting hoisting rope in a stitched flag

Ready to buy Flags or prints on fabric?

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Application of cloth prints

Flag printing process

At Orchid Digitals, we use our high resolution wide format Roland and Mimaki photo printers to output prints on cloth. You also don’t need to bring in the material. We print on our own rolls of fabric. We have a special light weight satin cloth. Since the weight of this material is very low, it easily billows, even in the lightest of breezes.

We offer two kind of material options for printing out your flag…

  • One is extremely smooth, thin and has slightly shiny, satiny feel
  • Alternatively, we have a slightly coarser and rougher cotton material known as poplin. Clients opt for this fabric if they are printing posters and need a slightly stiffer feel for their print.
  • Both the cloth options listed above are very light in weight
  • Both will billow and furl in the wind

These rolls are available in widths of a 3 and 4 feet. So we can produce a seamless flag of up to 4 feet in width. Prints wider that four feet need to be stitched together. The length of the print off course can be as much as you want it to be.

We use eco solvent inks to print on fabrics. These inks are highly resistant to fading in the sun light. They are also water resistant. Waterproof prints are an important attribute in the case of flags which need to be used out of doors. Moreover, eco solvent printing is extremely sharp and can faithfully reproduce images at an amazingly high resolution.

print two copies and stitch together to create two sided flag

Cost for printing on cloth / satin fabric

A digitally printed flag can be either single side or back to back. While we cannot print on two sides of the same material, we print two copies of the artwork and and get it stitched together. Stitched edges make sense as it prevents the material from fraying. You can also get a loop stitched on the side to run in the hoisting rope. Cost of printing flags in Pune are given below. For significant quantities, we will also get the flags stitched for you.

 Rates flag printing on satin cloth
Single side print70/- per sq. ft.
Back to back printing140/- per sq. ft.

GST 12% extra, on the above

Flag printing job for Fujitsu

FUJITSU Corporation is one of our clients who needed flags printed. They were receiving high level dignitaries from the UK. The welcome ceremony included hoisting of the company flag at the hands of the guests. The flag was to be printed on two sides, double stitched and hoisted from a fifteen foot pole, sunk in the garden at Fujitsu, Talawde. Here is the invite they had designed for the event.

We gave them four double side stitched flags. We also supplied 12 feet long flag poles. These poles were placed 18 inches deep in the ground and a cement foundation to keep them stable. The poles also had pulleys welded on the top for running the rope that would hoist the flags. Here some images of the finished job…

light weight fabric with flag design printed on them, flying in the wind
fabricated flag poles with welded base plate
digitally printed flags on light cloth material
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