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Multi-Page Brochures

Brochure printing at high-resolutions & vibrant colours. High-quality catalogues to boost sales. Gloss / matte finishes available. Short-order runs possible.

Brochure Printing

Tell Your Brand’s Story in Vibrant Colours & Eye-catching Style

  • Premium quality print on high-grade paper
  • Multi-page brochure, digitally printed
  • The form factor of a booklet; center-creased & pinned
  • Thick cover & thin inner page combo possible
  • A4, A5, and other sizes available
  • Gloss & matte finish options available
  • Brochure prints starting from ₹24 per piece (4-page A4 sized)

Brochure Printing

Tell Your Brand’s Story in Vibrant Colours & Eye-catching Style

  • Premium quality print on high-grade paper
  • Multi-page brochure, digitally printed
  • The form factor of a booklet; center-creased & pinned
  • Thick cover & thin inner page combo possible
  • A4, A5, and other sizes available
  • Gloss & matte finish options available
  • Brochure prints starting from ₹ 24 per piece (4-page A4 sized)

Brochures - Detailed Description

Any business meeting, sales talk, exhibition display, or marketing effort needs to be supplemented with professionally printed corporate brochures. And the high-resolution color digital presses at Orchid Digitals can print out the same catalogues at a jaw-dropping quality.

Computer designers take a lot of effort to design a product brochure with vibrant colors, beautiful images, and an eye-catching layout. But all those efforts will come to naught if you choose the wrong print bureau to create a hard copy of the same.

Orchid Digitals ensures that your catalog will make the right impact on your client and help stand out in his mind.

While discussions in a business meeting include marketing a product and its broad features, brochure maker helps in covering the finer details of the same. For example, a salesman for an ISP company may verbally cite features like the broadband speed, zero downtime, and low cost of a subscription.

But the actual details would be placed in the tri-fold brochure that he comes armed with. This company brochure highlights the actual broadband plans, company details, graphs, helpline, and other important information. Also, printed product brochures build the recall value of your product. The customer can peruse details and features of your product at leisure, long after the meet has ended.

When we talk about tri-fold or multifold brochures, we are referring to a catalog with multiple pages, bound together. If you are looking for a single page flyer/pamphlet, do jump to this product page here.

How are Brochure Jobs Processed at Orchid Digitals

At the time of printing, you need to consider three components of your multi-page brochure. These are the cover, the inner pages, and the binding which brings everything together. Let us have a look at the various options available for each of these three…

  1. The Cover Page: At Orchid Digitals, we generally use a thick 300 / 250 GSM card paper for printing the covers of our corporate brochure jobs. This paper is as thick as a premium invitation or visiting cards and gives a rich and hefty feel to our end product. Moreover, the cover page is given a coat of matt or gloss lamination. A laminated print enhances the tactile feel and visual look of the brochure. Lamination also protects the print from dust and water damage and significantly increases the life of the same.
  2. The Inner Pages: The inner pages of multi-page brochures need to be relatively thin so that they can be easily turned and to reduce overall weight. We use 100 / 170 GSM paper for the inner pages of our digitally printed e-brochure. This thickness is similar to the pages you see in very premium magazines.
  3. Binding: Depending on the number of pages, we either opt for center pinning or perfect binding of the entire job. 16, 24, or 32-page brochures can be easily stapled or center pinned. But if the number of pages in a brochure is more, we need to opt for the sturdier, perfect binding option.

Why Print Your Brochures at Orchid Digitals

  1. Quality: We print our jobs on high-resolution digital presses against the more traditional screen and offset printing machines. This ensures an extremely high print quality which is an absolute must, to impress your prospective clients.
  2. Short Order Runs: The other benefit of digital printing technology is that you can print your job in small quantities. We can output 100 or even as low as 50 copies of your company brochure design. This helps in keeping the overall budget low.
  3. Sampling for Quality Check: If you are a new customer at Orchid Digitals and worried about the print quality, we can output a single sample for you to check. This free sampling service is in fact a USP at our place that none of our competitors offer.
  4. Speed: Brochure maker printing jobs are almost always a rush order at our place. The designs are rarely ready in advance. There are last moment changes. And the prints need to be delivered yesterday because the boss is flying off to the conference tonight. Orchid Digitals takes pride in claiming that we’ve met the toughest of deadlines; we deliver the most challenging of print jobs. And we consistently do this on, or before time. Do have a look at what our customers are saying about us.
  5. Pricing: Every vendor claims that his price is competitive. But ours is genuinely so. Do have a look at our pricing section to see the same for yourself.

Care To Be Taken While Designing Your Brochure

People are incessantly being assaulted by advertising. And we have all experienced the same. Clients’ attention spans have reduced. And so it is extremely important to properly design all your marketing communication.

When it comes to designing your e-brochures, use eye-catching but relevant images. Include taglines that grab customer attention. Your textual information needs to be succinct and clear. Visual cues like charts and infographics will also greatly help.

Finally, before sending the artwork for printing, here are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind…

  1. Margins: Once the brochure is printed on a large sheet of paper, it gets cut or trimmed from all sides for an even finish. So you need to leave enough blank space on all four sides of your artwork. If images, text, or other important information are too close to the edges of the paper, there is a risk of the same, getting cut off during the final finishing process. So leave at least half an inch (approximately 15 mm) of free space on all sides of your artwork. Printers refer to this area as the bleed margin. So even if this bleed gets trimmed by a few millimeters, the content within the job should not get affected.
  2. Page Size: Work with standard paper sizes. The ‘A’ series of paper sizes is an internationally accepted standard that printers work with. They also stock paper conforming to these sizes. So stick to size A5, A4, A3, etc. when designing your brochures. This will ensure that there is no paper wastage. And most importantly you’ll also get a more economical quote for your job.
  3. Uniform Dimensions: Ensure that all the pages in your art file have the same dimensions. While this might sound like a no-brainer to you, this error occurs more often than you think. Matter for a brochure is compiled from a number of different sources. The copywriter sends across the text and design, the sales department mails in the price list and the guys in engineering contribute the diagrams and specifications of the product. While compiling information from all these disparate sources, it is quite possible that the brochure ends up with different sized pages. Take care to avoid this.
  4. File Format: Save your art file as a .pdf before bringing in the same. Include all the fonts that have gone in its creation. If possible, also share the original design file to enable us to make any changes if necessary.
  5. Pagination: Brochures have a fold in between and the individual pages are printed as a double spread like a bi-fold brochure. For example, 4 A4 sides are printed front and back on a single A3 size sheet. This process is known as pagination. But laying out the pages as a double spread is taken care of by our machines. So share your file in its final size i.e. A4 / A5 sized pages. We will do the layout and add in the cutting and creasing marks.

The Rule of Four

In addition to the above points, there is one other thing that needs to be considered when brochures are being designed. Make sure that the number of pages in your brochure is divisible by four.

Brochures have a fold in between which means that you end up with four sides. You’ll be able to visualize this problem if you hold a sheet of paper in landscape and fold it in between. You will end up with four sides.

This also means that our artwork needs to cover all these four sides. So if we have a three-page design on a four-sided print, we end up with an ugly looking blank page at the end. To avoid this, brochures need to confirm ‘The Rule of Four’. They need to comprise of 4, 8, 12, 16… etc., pages.

What Is the Cost of Brochure Printing?

The price of a brochure is determined by…

  1. The page size
  2. The number of pages in a single brochure
  3. The total number of brochures required

Once we get this input from your end, we’ll be able to give you a quote for the same. But to give you an idea for your budgeting purposes, we have created a pricing chart with some standard specifications. We have assumed a standard page size of A4 and A5.

Further, we have considered brochures having 4, 8, 12, and 16 pages. Finally, with these parameters in mind, we’ve created a price chart for a print job of 100 copies. Of course, if your requirements differ from the ones given below, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us

Brochure Specifications Number of pages A5 Size - Price for 100 copies* A4 Size - Price for 100 copies*

Cover Page - 300 GSM thick card
Lamination for the cover - Choice of Matt / Gloss finish
Paper for the inner pages - 100/170 gsm
All pages digital color printing front and back as a booklet
Finishing - Cutting, Creasing, Center pinning

4 pages
₹ 1400.00
₹ 2400.00
8 pages
₹ 2800.00
₹ 4800.00
12 pages
₹ 4200.00
₹ 2800.00
16 pages
₹ 5600.00
₹ 9600.00

* Please Note:

  • The rates quoted above attract 12% GST
  • Because of the number of different processes that a brochure goes through, we cannot create just one copy. Hence the MOQ for this product is 50 – 100 copies.

Shipping and Delivery

  • Digitally printed brochures can be delivered anywhere in India.
  • Delivery charges are extra and will be communicated to you once we receive the exact delivery address.

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