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canvas print of a family portrait stretched on a frame

Canvas Prints

Immortalize your memories on original cotton canvas

  • High-resolution & vibrant colours
  • Inkjet printing on canvas that is cotton material; can also be hand-painted on
  • Water-proof & weather-proof
  • Can be stretched on a galley frame
  • Pricing starts from ₹150 per sq. ft

Canvas Prints

canvas print of a family portrait stretched on a frame

Immortalize your memories on original cotton canvas

  • High-resolution & vibrant colours
  • Inkjet printing on canvas that is cotton material; can also be hand-painted on
  • Water-proof & weather-proof
  • Can be stretched on a galley frame
  • Pricing starts from ₹ 150 per square foot

Canvas Print - Detailed Description

Do you find yourself searching for ‘canvas printing near me’ online? Orchid Digitals helps capture your memories on canvas. All of us have those amazing family pictures or vacation shots on our phone. But that’s where they mostly remain. We might share them on social media forums a couple of times, but mostly they are forgotten and never seen again. So give those pixels a physical form. And decorate your home or office with our high-resolution photo prints on canvas.

High-resolution canvas printing is a premium service offered by Orchid Digitals, Pune. We use rolls of natural cotton canvas to print on. While photo prints on sunboard do look good, photo prints on canvas look simply gorgeous.

Custom canvas prints of family portraits and hand paintings

Applications of Canvas Printing

  • Copies of Original Fine Art Paintings: Custom canvas prints are perfect for reproducing fine art and paintings. Let’s assume for a moment, that you are a master artist. You have held an exhibition and your masterpieces sell for lakhs of rupees. While the moneyed connoisseur can afford to buy your costly originals, other art lovers will demand reproductions of the same. at a more affordable price. So artists scan the original painting and have the same digitally printed on canvas, it is called painting reproduction on canvas. Although a copy, the printed canvas still has that authentic, textured, look, and feel of the original.
  • Portraits and High Quality Images: Prints on photo paper look good. But when the same images are reproduced on canvas as custom canvas prints, they look absolutely stunning. So for premium applications like wedding photos, family portraits on canvas, model photography and photos on canvas of vacation pics, etc. a photo print on canvas would be the right choice. Spur of the moment selfies can be printed on ordinary photo paper. But planned photoshoots always bring out your true beauty. And these high-resolution images have to be immortalised on canvas.
  • Interior Decoration: Inkjet-printing on canvas frames are also ideal to liven up your home and office walls. Canvas wall art is a popular decorative art. Interior decorators and the suave homemakers routinely use large photo prints of digital paintings created by modern artists. The Old Masters’ Paintings will off course, never go out of style.
  • Art School Projects: Art school students have another, lesser-known application for canvas prints. They order half-finished ‘bare bones’ prints. For example, a student might source a print showing the outlines of horses running in a field. They then use their own paints, oils, charcoal, etc., to finish the painting. Essentially, this half printed canvas acts as a foundation for greater, naturally painted creations. This off course is only possible because the media we use is made of natural cotton that artists can paint on.
Photo printing on canvas frame
canvas printing on digital inkjet printers
canvas reproduction of a painting showing plants painted on an orange background

Characteristics of a Good Canvas Printing Job

  • High Resolutions and Vibrant Colors: As mentioned above, the canvas print has a premium look and feel. This is made possible by our extremely high resolution, wide format, Mimaki, and Roland wide-format photo printers. In addition to generating high resolutions, these printers are also known for their stunning color clarity. One point to note at this stage is that the final print quality also depends on the content of the original input file. So make sure that you send in your images/photo collages at the highest possible resolutions before printing the same.
  • Durability and Long Life of the Prints: Customers often wonder about the durability of our canvas prints. The eco-solvent inks we use are impervious to rain and sunlight. Leave them out in the open or dunk them in a bucket of water and they still won’t get damaged. Thus, you can rest assured that your photographs will remain pristine for years and years and the memories therein will be effectively immortalised.
  • Large-Sized Image Reproduction: We have printable rolls of cotton canvas in widths of 3, 4, and 5 feet. So you can print out large-sized jobs which become pretty imposing and attention-grabbing when installed in a living space. Standard sizes of canvas prints are 2 feet high X 3 feet wide or 3 feet high X 4 feet wide. But a huge 5 X 10 feet print at Orchid Digitals is not unheard of.
four galley framed canvas prints wherein the prints are stretched over the edges of the wooden frame

Galley Framing of Canvas Prints

At Orchid, we offer two options for our customers if you are looking for canvas prints online.

  1. You can print the image on a loose roll of canvas and get it framed yourself.
  2. Alternatively, we can offer you a more finished product, wherein we stretch the print on a frame. In this case, the outer edges of the canvas media is wrapped around the edges of the frame.

Edge wrapped prints are also referred to as galley framing and they look pretty stunning. Galley frames are 1 inch thick and generally made of wood or PVC. The actual frame is fully concealed by the print. And when viewed from the edges, you don’t see the frame but the image overflowing on the sides. When installed on the walls the galley framed canvas wall art looks like it is floating over the same and the end effect is visually appealing.

galley framed canvas print stretched over the sides

Tiling Canvas Prints - An Interesting Interior Decor Idea

Another interior decoration idea in vogue is commissioning ‘tiled’ canvas prints. In this scenario, one large image is broken up into parts and each part is framed separately. The individual frames are then installed on the wall with a couple of inches gap in between. The overall look of the canvas picture is quite fetching and guaranteed to grab viewer attention. Have a look at the images below…

tiled canvas prints of a nature scene broken into multiple frames with gaps in between
one zoom shot of flowers broken up in three tiles in three different ways for creating canvas printed photo frames

What Is the Cost of Canvas Printing?

Variants Rates for hi-res printing on canvas

Canvas print on a roll

₹ 150/- per sq. ft

Canvas print + galley framing

₹ 250/- per sq. ft.

* Please Note:

  1. The rates quoted above attract 12% GST
  2. The minimum sized job we need for galley framing is 2 feet high X 3 feet wide
  3. Canvas prints cost ₹ 150 per square foot. So for example, if your image is of size 3 feet width by 2 feet height, the cost for the print job is:

3 feet (width) X 2 feet (height) X 2 copies X ₹ 60 (cost of vinyl print + lamination, as per the table above)
= ₹ 720.00 (+ 18% GST)

Shipping and Delivery

  • Canvas prints online and large photo prints can be delivered anywhere in India in a roll form.
  • Galley framed canvas prints can break in transit and currently we deliver this product only in Pune.
  • Delivery charges are extra and will be communicated to you once we receive the exact delivery address.

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